How do you learn to keep more focus during meditation?

Ad Lio S.
Be ready to meditate. Find a quiet place. Dim the lights . Take a few deep breaths get comfortable and don’t expect miracles the first few times it takes some practice.
Luc Lio Z.
I make sure that I have had a warm shower before I start my meditation. I make sure all other noises are turned off so I dont have any other distractions around.
Izolita Y.
Just keep practicing. Go easy on yourself – no-one gets it right away. When you notice your attention drifting, simply bring it back to the present moment, to your meditation. Even people who've meditated for years still have to do this regularly, so don't beat yourself up about it. Approach it with understanding and compassion. It gets easier with practice. Be gentle with yourself.
Mathilde A.
Try to focus only on your breathing. If you have thoughts coming up, try to release the stress, anxiety or bad feeling they refer to by imagining letting these go when you exhale and return to focusing on your breathing. Also I think posture is important, half lotus works great for me.
Salete Q.
I try to bring my attention first from by body, like how it touches the floor then to the sounds around me and finally to my breath. After focusing on the breath for sometime, I let my mind wander, while paying vague attention to wherever it wanders.
Melvin T.
I don’t really meditate anymore. I used to but I called it daydreaming. These days I tend to refocus my vision on day-to-day living.
Jackson S.
Use the features offered by the fabulous app. It is kind of short training to learn meditation's techniques. The most important thing to learn is to focus on the present moment and place: focus on now and where you are. Close your eyes, and if your brain is taken away by other thoughts, bring it back gentilly, because it is ok not to focus 100%. With daily practice, you will get better. Good luck! I am sure you are doing great so far.
Ella U.
The trick is not to stress when you lose focus. Minds wander…that's just what they do! Acknowledge when your mind wanders, be mindful of it, and then bring your focus back to your breath. Back to the rise and fall of your chest. Back to the feel of your weight on the cushion or your feet on the floor. Bring your mind back to that place of inner peace and there ya go, you're meditating. I hope this helps you.
Ashley J.
Keep it simple, just focus on the breathe, the in and out. That's it. Nothing else. Once you have that nailed you'll see how this meditation thing works
L Rke W.
The first step is accepting that each meditation session is unique and will be different than the previous ones. I sometimes talk to myself in the begining of the session to bring the awareness. I tell myself "Now I am sitting on this cushion because I want to go on a journey and meditate. Let's seee how my body is feeling at this moment." Whrn I do this together with breathing exercises, my focus shifts from the outside world to the meditation; it brings me thr awareness.
Gustav Z.
By showing up for yourself. By consistency. It’s like training a muscle. Meditate every day and over time you’ll find that it gets a little bit easier to focus.
Jessie T.
I am learning to keep more focused during meditation by allowing the wondering thoughts to come. Rather than resist them. I'm learning don't engage with the passing thoughts. Always return to the breath. If I ever get lost return to the breath.