Do moving meditations count. I feel like they do, and I am able to go deeper and connect with my breath better than just sitting techniques. Are there sitting techniques that better replicate the moving ones?

Miriam F.
I think so. Whatever gives you the best result. You always have the answer inside you. Don't listen to anybody else. You know your own truth.
I like very much dancing to music with soul vibration and texts with meaning. I just move my body as it wants to, and I have gotten a lot of guidance out of that❤️ Good luck with moving💃
Ella O.
i like to sit cross legged and breath and focus only on my breath but every once and a while i stand and extend my arms when i breath in and bring them in when i breath out
Gavin P.
Definitely, I believe yoga is form of moving meditation. It certainly calms and centres me. I feel like I'm a better person after yoga. It takes a lot of my anxiety angre and frustrations away. Which is mostly caused by my back pain. Making me more appreciative and mindful. I've always had back pain, it was normal to me, so I forgot I had it. At one point it got worse and caused most of my anxiety. I cried after coming back to yoga. I wasn't aware of the amount of tension and pain that I got used to. Relieving that pain was what made me fall in love with yoga. It also helps me meditate, gives me more to focus on than just my breath. I find it the easiest meditation. As you have to focus on a lot of your body parts at the same time. Basically giving you no choice but to be present with your body and breath. It's a very euphoric state. Basically saved my life.
Alban W.
i rather breathe and talk to myself sitting. I do like hear soft music and think in positive things i have on my life and the goals i wanna achieve ASAP waiting for myself tho
Asta P.
Yes, as long as you feel like you are relaxed and in tune with your body, moving meditations count! You should look in to tai chi and yoga – both excellent forms of moving meditation. Good job meditating – do what works for you!
Paul Z.
I prefer sitting techniques, because I have no place to walk or doing meditation while I move unless I'm going out of home. Since I often suffer from dissociations, I prefer to do things that may trigger this at home
Caitlin N.
Yes moving meditation counts. Meditation is focusing on something and continuing to focus on said thing regardless of your surroundings, a present walk in a forest is just as much meditation as sitting for 10 minutes focusing on your breath.
Nidhi I.
Moving meditations are a great way to keep the mind calm in EVERY situation no matter what you're doing it going through. It keeps the ripples inside the mind, that occur as a result of the daily chaos of life, calm.
Maritana C.
I personally use a breathing meditation which makes me focus on my breath and it's possibly one of the most common, most effective techniques
Fabio E.
Walking, sitting, and lying down are the three classic meditation postures, but the end goal is to practice mindfulness at all times in your daily life, which often is while you are moving. Having a dedicated practice is important, but I don’t think it’s important that it be a sitting practice if walking meditation works better for you. If you want to try sitting practices, maybe try noting, body scans, metta, or The Mind Illuminated method of breath focus and see if any of those resonate more. Good luck!
Marcus X.
yesss!! definitely it helps me relax and focus at the same time while learning how to properly take deep breaths it definitely helps with my asthma!
Lisa N.
Sure, why not? Maybe u could try a seated meditation that incorporates movement like stretching. I’ve seen some on apps.

Personally, I use one called Balance n quite like it. There’s a session on there called Wake Up that utilizes movement, I think.

Good nite! 🌙

Nas A.
actually, i enjoy the moving ones better,too. but when i do still meditations, i often try to deepen ny breath even more then with yoga for example,which is my moving meditation. when i stay still, i focus ALL of me towards the breath, and breath as deep and as slow as it's possible. it helps me stay focused and in a meditative state, and it kinda adds the movement of the breath
Lo N.
Moving meditations absolutely count! Eckhart Tolle says walking meditations help you to learn how to practice meditation in your every day life a bit better because your life is in motion.
Christiana X.
honestly, whatever works for you. i did the meditation challenge, and one of the daily articles challenged me to do a walking meditation. i have yet to try it, but they are very popular. i think something important to focus on while you are moving is not only your breath, but the rhythm at which you move (if you’re walking, the steps you are taking) and that’s it! there’s really no “correct” way to do it, just whatever works for you! happy meditating 🙂
Dayvet N.
Yes I think moving Meditation counts because that what I do in school when I feel anxious and I want to move around to use my extra energy
Chris N.
They do. There is no rule in which way you have to meditate or practice awareness. Find the way that works best for you 🙂
Kelly Q.
Sitting still makes me much more clam and able to control my breathing and able to clear my mind, also it helps my body relax.
Prop K.
I do believe that moving meditations count. I also believe that every person has their own way to meditate or connect with themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sitting technique or moving technique, what matters is what works for you.
Beans O.
Moving meditations such as walking and being cautious around everything around you is considered a moving mediation.You focus only on your thoughts and nature around you.
Madara N.
Stretching can be a way to meditate and move at the same time if you want to move a little. Sitting meditation can be done on any surface or place as long as you are still and doing slow breaths
Ay E Q.
I'm new to meditation as well, but based on what I know, meditation is about relaxing. So if you think something works better for you, do it your way.
Cl Vis I.
Me personally, I think moving meditations can be bad for you and focusing on one thing at a time can be better. Such as being in downward dog and focusing on your breathing. And trying to go into a deeper stretch may hurt
you in the long run.
Dora U.
The most important is the focus and the wellbeing! If you dont feel very confortable sitting you can move slithly (like a kind of a dance) just to feel better, but never loose focus!
Lovro O.
Well finding the most pleasant position is the key as well as feeling safe. Both of those two things take a key element into experiencing meditation. Standing or sitting does not matter. It depends on what you feel most comfortable in
Meszes E.
Actually there's an app called Healthy Minds that teaches you about active meditations, which is quite useful, because you can build it's benefits into your everyday life. It's the science type of app. All about research, so I like it.
Aziz Q.
i think moving meditations count. it’s about putting yourself in the mindset of focusing on your breathing and letting go of passing thoughts rather than the position of your body