How do you get the most out of a meditation when you just can’t keep your mind on that particular exercise?

Valentina Z.
Great question! I’ve been there so many times. At first I felt that I didn’t accomplish what meditation was intended for by then I found that even if I couldn’t keep my mind on that particular exercise just the simple act of trying to keep it on the exercise was more than what I normally did. Instead of just letting my mind wander, I tried to bring it back even if it wandered again. So even though I was not in the exercise the whole time I was still exercising my mindfulness by trying to rein in my thoughts.
Johannes X.
I use guided meditations, such as those in apps like Calm and Headspace. The guidance helps me bring my focus back. Any kind of effort with meditation is progress. Keep at it, one step at a time. We are not Zen masters the first time nor the 100th time. Just keep doing it, oven if it isn’t perfect.
Durbalino P.
I just continue to try to do the activity for the time I am there. Part of the meditation is acknowledging the thoughts I am having and not stopping myself from thinking about them and then moving on if I need to.
Audrey Z.
You just give your mind permission to get distracted – it’s its job- and gently bring her back. Over and over and over again. Remember to be gentle with yourself. With time, it will get better.
Brianna S.
Keep practising . If your thoughts wander just acknowledge them , then let them go . Concentrate on your breathing . Hope that helps
Guillaume F.
I think the point of meditation is to let go of control. Just actively being in the state of meditation is the exercise itself. Anytime the mind wonders you acknowledge/observe the thought and then let it go and go back to paying attention to your breathing. I recommend the book “search inside yourself”, really helpful especially for people just starting to meditate
Samuel T.
When i was younger, my aunt was a yoga guru and we would meditate for 30-40 minutes every morning. I never really appreciated yoga back then, but it surely made me physically healthy and mentally aware. That's what keeps me doing meditation today. It does not only makes me calm and healthy, it literally made my life better and i intend to maintain it that way.

I think it's normal if your mind drifts away when meditating. I happen to think about my past mistakes or contemplate what's gonna happen today or tomorrow while meditating. I believe that our effort to release these thoughts away and stick to meditating is the core discipline of meditation. This train our minds to declutter and remain calm while giving our minds the rest and peace it deserve.

Alina Z.
I just bring my attention back to my breath everytime I notice my mind wandering. I am finding this difficult now but maybe with practice I'll get better.
Please suggest your point of view on this.
Joey C.
Well it’s something I haven’t mastered. But I think that’s the point. There isn’t a goal except for time. There isn’t something to “get” either. My mind always drifts and I try to refocus each time. I acknowledge the distraction and move on. It isn’t fun or easy and I haven’t been consistent.
Renee T.
You have to understand that meditation is not to shut up your mind, meditation is just being aware of your thoughts and let them move one without judgement and then come back to your breathe.
Lotti O.
This can happen, especially when you're tired. Try to bring your attention back to the meditation object, and congratulate yourself for remembering your goal every time. The only bad meditation is the one you didn't do!
Felix Y.
I use my time focusing the best I can on the exercise I'm working on. It isnt always successful, but the act of trying makes me a little calmer than when I started.
Ester A.
Im not one for sitting down for to long and I too have trouble focussing on the excercise, so I tried doing it while I shower since that is the moment in my mornings that my mind shuts down a bit, and for me it works like a charm