Can you meditate too much?

Silje G.
Yes I can, sitting, thinking of the universe is bringing peace and happiness, there’s no limit to such a meditation… u also try
Elise T.
I would say don't use it to procrastinate you from taking meaningful action when that is urgently needed, but otherwise no, you can't meditate to much.!
Melissa E.
I don't think you can meditate too much, but you can definitely meditate too long – and then you get too distracted. Best is to do a short session – even if in series.
Abbie U.
I have no idea!!!!! I’m too new to it! I do have to say that some meditation YouTube’s keep me going way loner than what should be appropriate…. but no one cares and I keep going
Vernon T.
Nope, but you need to set realistic limits within what else you need to do. I meditate at least once a day, sometimes twice. Others do more/less you have find what works for you
Amalie U.
Not too often – twice a day is recommended by many – but yes, too much.

Research has shown that you can receive the benefits of meditation within 12 minutes of practise. In order to achieve this, I do a minimum of 15 minutes when I meditate…I'm speaking here of silent meditation with no guidance, however, there are guided meditations that are longer and of course they are beneficial too.

When I say yes, you can meditate too much, this is for two reasons:

Firstly, if you have an incredible, otherworldly or out of body type experience during meditation, some people can become addicted to the sensation, chasing more and more. While exciting to experience, searching for it again is the opposite of the goal of meditation – which is to accept whatever IS in the now, at all times (in life, and in meditation), and simply BE.

Secondly, if you spend an hour in meditation in the morning, great. An hour in the evening, perhaps also great… but it is worth considering if the time spent is adding to your Peace of Mind. Is 30 minutes enough? If you need 60 minutes fine, but don't do so much that it encroaches on your active life – because, as previously stated, the goal of meditation is to help you be present at all times, conscious in each moment, centred and calm. Your life should become Living Meditation, so if you feel like you're spending too much time sitting (or if you feel like you don't have enough time to sit!) bring the attention of meditation to everything that you do. Start with little tasks that you can and often do on 'autopilot' – washing your hands, waiting in line, walking through your house… Bring meditation to life.

I hope this helps!

Greice S.
I'm not so sure about the too-much-meditation. But in my new habit, I just try to meditate in 30 minutes every morning. It worked in several earlier day, but has failed this 2 days. So maybe I will reduce this duration into about 5 or 10 minutes a day every morning to build my meditation again. And btw, meditation is so calming.
Morgan S.
I think if you focus on grounding yourself and improving the mind body connection, everyone has a different level of “repair” that must be made.
Corina T.
There's no limit for meditation. Either you will be able to meditate for 5 minutes or 15 minutes. Find your ability to meditate.
Marius E.
Yes. Anything done in excess can definitely be too much. However, I do believe doing several small 10 minutes or even 5 minute meditations throughout the day can help rejuvenate you. I've even been known to close myself in the bathroom when it's been too busy I just sit in there for 5 minutes since I ask closed.
Matthieu Y.
The short answer is No – you cannot meditate too much. You can be mindful of your daily activities all the time – which is ideal, alleviates anxiety
Andrew P.
For now I do just 20min/day in 2 times, 10min/time. I dont think it's too much. i'm trying to do much more. The more you mediate the more you get better.
Bruce Z.
Interesting question! I never thought about this and i’m not any sort of expert on meditation, but it feels like whether or not you are meditating ‘too much’ depends on your needs and schedule. If you want and have the time to spend hours meditating every day than more power to you. I do 5 minutes of meditation/day and that’s what what works for me. Maybe it’s too much if you get to a point where you feel that the amount of meditation you’re doing is mentally tiring you out more than it is helping your mind.
Lillie R.
No, meditation is for whenever and how long. If you are done, you are done. Keep on going is also an option. Too much, your body will tell you
Vicki O.
I imagine, seems like you can do anything too much. I guess it should be a tool and a comfort, not an escape from responsibilities.
Chloe F.
No, meditation is a way of resetting thoughts patterns; and having the ability to pull oneself from stress, or fear, or sadness at any given moment is invaluable. Taking a minute, grounding, and ultimately returning to the thought without ego or emotion clouding your mind can mean the difference of passing an exam or not, or feeling tired and frustrated through surgery. A book written by Dr Wayne W Dyer called “Getting in the Gap” perfectly explains how and why meditation throughout the day can be beneficial in all aspects of life.
Joann O.
No. I find that meditation is time to discover yourself both inside and out and since we are complex beings that discovery is never-ending and the more you discover about yourself the better equipped you are to deal with the world. Keep meditating! Maybe just don't miss meals or bathroom breaks or work or stuff like that.
Leon J.
Short answer – No. Meditation is like any other discipline that gets better with practice. Even the masters have to practice. Meditation is also about looking inside yourself and the inside of us is as vast as the universe outside. So don't worry about too much or too little, think of it like a journey and even one step takes you closer to the destination. Enjoy taking those steps..
Fanny U.
I don’t think so… meditation is good for your brain. But anything in excess that’s good for you might not necessarily be bad but produce diminishing returns when you pass a certain point. For example, sleep, studying, exercise. Meditation is a form of self-care. Self care is always the ONE thing that can make everything easier. But we also have other responsibilities and important things to do. So 5-20minutes a day is good. I was told by my doctor 20 minutes twice a day is the sweet spot that the research seems to show for the benefits. I also think after that point, there is only so much time in the day. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to meditate, but there are also better things you can do with your time.
Ana S S.
yes, i think mediating too much will lead u to drift away from reality.. being too much unrealistic can be negative sometimes.. Reality should always be present
Valdemar F.
It’s never too much if you need it. Short meditations can help focus, change your reality, change the way you see things. Some people only meditate once a day and feel fine — no one should be ashamed of needing more meditation time to reconnect and ground oneself.
Paul U.
Yeah, you might meditate yourself into realisation that everything is just an illusion and nothing makes sense. There’s a risk of quitting your job and travel to India. Be careful!
Emil B.
Only if it intiferes with your life. Personally I meditate 2 times per day at scheduled times. When I wake up and after my workout,