What’s you’re advice for someone with severe pain syndrome or fibromyalgia? When having bad days, it’s so hard to stick to the routines, the chain breaks so soon and it have physical and emotional pain everytime.

Dirque Z.
Check the boxes off everyday, regardless of whether or not you completed every activity. That way you can keep your chain going regardless and won't have to beat yourself up on starting over again. The chain is supposed to motivate you to keep going. If it turns into an obstacle it's failing its job. No reason to punish yourself because you couldn't complete every box every single day. We are human after all, not perfect mechanical machines.
Ziham U.
My first level advice for them is stay focus in meditation they may help them to know what they want and they able now to run in second level
Gricelidis O.
I do not suffer from sever pain, but I do have depression, anxiety, sever tinnitus, and I am under a lot of stress, like all are. But what gets me up and moving when I simply do not want to, is I tell myself any step, even baby steps, are a step forward, linear. So even if I say 30 minutes a day, when the day comes I allow myself 5 minutes. Usually I complete my innitial goal, but I give myself the freedom to be, forgive myself a head of time for not following through with the innitual goal, AND applaud myself for still moving forward. The truth is the human body and brain are an incredible creation we know nothing about. Trust that in reality, you REALLY CAN DO IT.