What is the best music to listen to while meditating?

Clara Nielsen
I think music is a very personal choice. It all depends on what you need atm. If I need uplifting, I'll listen to energetic music. If I need compassion, I'll listen to gentle music. So I think it all depends on personal preference

Lisete Rocha
I prefer to meditate in silence but if I do like to listen to Tibetan dinging bowls on YouTube as I go to sleep, I like the deep overtones they make

Gabe Cruz
Any music or sound or narrative is a distraction. Listen to you own heart beat or count your breaths. And do this in silence.

Marie Sørensen
I like Hearts of Space music, very slow and soothing, and most crystal bells tracks. Searching on the search engine Ecosia for meditation music should give you a good selection. Avoid music that has any short notes, as they distract you, even though the background may be slow. Choose an instrument you enjoy. If you have a track that is shorter than your meditation time, repeat it with no interval between the two. Make a playlist, and you'll find that you're drawn more to some tracks.

Edward Reyes
I like the soft, soothing 🎶 the app plays on its different meditation steps to follow. I also love nature sounds. Sounds of the ocean, birds, 🌳, a flowing creek. Anything that is super soft & easy on the ears.

Rafael Adams
None – either sit in silence, or use a guided mediation. Listening to music will have you concentrating on the music, and reduce your awareness.

Louis Friedel
I usually don't listen to music. It's surprising how much there is to listen to around you if you allow yourself to pay attention to it. To me, realizing and enjoying that is one of the best parts of meditation.

Marie Thomsen
Anything that makes you feel calm and able to relax. More like background music so your thoughts can do what they need to based on what ever you’re meditating for.

Valdemar Andersen
I love meditating to Pachelbel canon, it’s not the typical meditation music, but it relaxes me and takes me through a range of emotions. Other options are classical music, nature sounds with water and birds, or romantic guitar

Joseph Rose
I dot't listen to music honestly. I usually Guida myself through a meditation app (headspace) or try to make the outside sounds part of my meditation

Bob Dunn
I’m really not sure and wish I knew. There is so much out there and no real guidance for which is good for what. It seems like anyone can create mediation music and throw it together. Also you have to sift through so much before finding a tune that may resonate. I tend not to listen because of the above reasons.

Arnold Alvarez
It really depends on your personal taste. Personally I enjoy nature sounds, specifically water based or instrumental classical music.

Juvena Da conceição
I Beleive it should be something personal, there is so much different music out there and just as so many tastes, u need to find your fit. I personally prefer something with no words or songs I don't know as I love singing and if I know the song… I will concentrate on singing rather then meditation.