Where do you situate yourself to meditate (room, favorite chair, etc)?

Thibault U.
On the balcony of my apartment, wherein the air, the wind, and the silence around are perfect for me to feel the nature
Anja S.
In the guest room, sitting on a cushion facing the window. Best place I found. The more the room is tidy, the better the feeling is.
Lyna Z.
On a pillow on the floor usually when I’m at home. If I’m not I’ll find a quiet spot with a nice view or good energy. 😊🙏🏽✨
Dolores C.
I have a spare room in my house which I go into. I try to label it as my calm/creative room. That’s all it’s used for ultimately. I have candles, a Buddha head, two candle holders in the shape of hands as if you were meditating 👌🏻 I also have a soft furry aesthetic rug I sit on when I meditate. It helps to settle me and calm me so I can meditate peacefully.
Terra U.
Hi I just sit at a not-so-comfortable regular chair. Sometimes if I’m visiting friends and can meditate then I just have to sit at an armchair.
Ron W.
Well. I wake up in the morning and sit in the master room in one of the sofas and as totally relax I begin the exercise with deep breath and have a good sensation thereafter
Deodato N.
Almost anywhere works for me. The library, my desk, even a busy public place. The point is mindfulness, as far as I can tell. And I’m learning to reduce my distractability through simple meditation exercises wherever I am!
Clinton F.
I usually meditate before sleeping so I can get good night sleep. My favorite place to meditate is my room which is dark and allows ventilation. What I really like about this app it reminds you to switch off from the world .
Alison E.
My meditations usually happen in my bedroom during my morning and evening routine. I sit on a comfortable chair or sit up on the bed.

If I feel the need for meditation throughout the day I simply find a quiet area or room and do 5-10 min of meditation.

Rick R.
I have a meditation shrine/ altar it has a comfy pillow to sit on and a soft rug to put my feet. This is my morning space, but I also practice on the go! On the bus, waiting in line at the pharmacy, or anywhere I can give myself a minute to focus my breath.
Hans Detlef S.
I usually sit on my chair and let my thoughts come and go for a while. I sit down and reflect on how I spent the day, its like giving myself a short breather to contemplate on passed feelings.
R My S.
Favorite place is Yoga May. Next is a lovely slated camping chair that sits barely above the ground but I like to sit in Lotus so I prefer the Mat where my German Shepherd always joins me.
Alison E.
On my bed. It’s more comfortable and really lets me get into a state of relaxation, first thing in the morning or before sleeping. I’m also learning to meditate while driving-helps me de-stress during traffic!