How do you get yourself to meditate daily?

Sevim X.
Making that as part of my morning routine. What I realised is if I have 3-4 activities as part of the ritual it is easier to follow
April T.
Meditation is a commitment to self. If you keep believing in this then less chances of skipping it.
Romy N.
I focus on the benefits of meditation to keep me motivated. I acknowledge situations where I reacted differently than I would have been f I had not been meditating regularly. I enjoy the refreshed feeling I have when I'm done. I find a meditation program to keep me going.
Nora Z.
It is necessary for me to meditate to ensure good mental health . By taking and making time just after rising helps me to get the best out of my day.
Perry E.
I started by setting small goals. I would set a timer for only five minutes daily. Since 5 minutes is not a lot of time, it is hard to come up with excuses not to do it. I gradually increased it by 5 minutes at a time every month and now I aim for one hour daily. However, I am forgiving with myself and my schedule. If i have to go to work earlier or woke up late for some reason, I simply keep the habit by going back to sort times, even if it's just five minutes. The important part is to keep doing it daily. Once you start feeling the benefits, you will look forward to it.
Sharon J.
By using a habit tracker so I won't break the chain, knowing that I will feel better durning and after it is over, or using fabulous the app reminder.

In all I just do it.

Noah O.
I have a designated place that is used exclusively for morning meditation. I am not, by nature, a morning person, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. As such, I’ve found it vital that I plan/set-up for my morning ritual the night before. The corner I meditate in is near the bed so once I turn off the alarm and drink water I go directly to my meditation seat. I place my workout clothes nearby so that I can change for workout after meditation. Next, I make my bed, and grab anything from nightstand or that is in my path that I need to take to a different area of room or house. What I’ve found is that the best way to carry out a morning routine is to sandwich a new behavior between those you already do on autopilot. For example, I have been drinking water first thing for so long that I forgot when I started the habit in the first place. The same can be said about making my bed after rising. By adding the Meditation practice in between the two habits it was much easier to adopt the new behavior. To summarize, look at what you already do most consistently. These things are behaviors you do on autopilot and exert the least effort (aka “Willpower”). Try inserting your meditation practice between the two strongest habits. Try this for a few days then modify accordingly based on what is working for you. Think of this as a fun project aimed at helping you go into your day feeling more, relaxed, focused, and in-flow.
Guildo S.
I prepare myself by relaxing and finding somewhere quiet with no distractions. Put on my medication app. Close my eyes and meditate.
Heather E.
I am aware that my focus is not optimal, and I want to improve it. Because of my strong will to improve it, I meditate in the morning. Additionally, it makes me feel good when I have completed a meditation session!