How do you meditate with sounds, quiet, darkness or something other than what I mentioned?

Izabel Q.
Usually with a candle and aromatherapy. Sometimes quiet, sometimes with nature sounds, sometimes guided meditation from YouTube. Sometimes in bath. 🙂
Aiden T.
Just try to focus on your breathing, how it moved your body, its rhythm. Acknowledge everything you mentioned but just let it go and focus on your breathing.
Romane T.
I meditate with no sound when doing the fab ones and with Hindu mantras via YouTube and Bluetooth speakers at other times
Lily Z.
Quiet. Close my eyes. Sit in Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ position. Hands open to receive. At night or on my power nap, I have to meditate to sleep so I get in Childs Pose and turn on Calm Sleep Stories. But my preference is sitting in Yoga Pose, having meditation going or doing it on my own and taking a wonderful vacation for my stress response.
Alice X.
I use the Insight Timer app – completely free and over 8000 guided meditations to choose from; not to mention countless sounds and other options as well. Try it – get it from the App Store. You won’t regret it!
Tyler Y.
I prefer a mix of either guided (i.e. positive reinforcement) meditation or silent (affirmations) meditation. I feel like it keeps me light and centered. More thoughtful of others.
Bertram Z.
I meditate using the Insight App and use a guided meditation, with the lights off- sometimes a candle or insence burning
Chris T.
I meditate with a guide. Usually with an app while wearing headphones. I also wear a sleep mask to cover my eyes from any immediate distractions. I don’t worry about lighting or location too much as long as I don’t think I’ll be disturbed.
Paul W.
If i have no limits of time, then i meditate quiet. If i dont have much time, than i meditate with timer (sounds are quiet after some time). I meditate in the evening, so i keep my room dim. There is only a small lamp
Ricky P.
In quiet and I try to shut out any not natural background noise (cars, etc.) When I can make it, it is the fullest meditation.
Teka Z.
Meditation is all about finding the inner peace , so everyone should meditate the way that they are comfortable. There are kinds of meditations that you should observe your surroundings , so the environment becomes important. I meditate in the mornings and right before i go to bed . In both ways , i try to do it in silence or with a meditation sound .My surroundings are becoming less important because i close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing .For me it is the best way to connect to my inner self.
Sarah Y.
Varies I believe according to activity and purpose. Even driving I think can be a form of meditation if it is done mindfully
Juvena E.
Come into it with an open mind. Know that your mind will wander, and just let yourself focus on it for a brief moment and then just listen to yourself breathe.
Carl P.
Once you start to think of certain things they often times spread out and they answer questions and you creat a web of explanations often. Some things need a lot of thinking and analyzing, and in a meditative mood, you should feel the most “you” and so you can see everything unbiased so you can get the the truth of things.
Marion U.
I meditate slightly before sunrise when its still a bit dark but i can start hearing the bird chirp. Its the most relaxing and peaceful part of my day and helps me focus on my surroundings and nature for meditation.
Norman Z.
Quiet and darkness is helpful. So that I can focus on my inner self and disconnect from what is happening around me/ distractions. A quiet dark place provides rest from the all the other stuff
Dylan Z.
I have a special meditation area set up in my bedroom. I meditate in the evenings in dim light. If household noise is too distracting I use the sound conditioner this app recommended (it’s great- I love it! Thanks!). The meditations in this app are good, and I often use a meditation from two different apps that I have. I always feel better after I meditate and I want to start meditating in the afternoons as well.
Xerxes B.
I like to meditate with the sound of running water. I imagine slowly each part of myself becomes part of a river that surrounds me. First my feet and then legs and so on until I am nothing but a head. And then I give that to and I am water running endlessly from one place to another and yet always in between.
P Ricles G.
I either use my headphones or I run through my qigong practice and just concentrate on my breathing. I use the qigong because I get restless sitting and the movements allow me to just let go mentally and float in a good space.
Ma Lle T.
I use and really like background sounds. It allows me to meditate even when I am not in a super quiet place. I use the Calm app. I haven’t tried the Fablulous meditation.
Ibralina E.
Where ever I can find a place to be at peace for 5 minutes or more. Meditate in my car,work bathroom,and my bedroom with incense and candles going
Jeremiah Z.
I always meditate with the Calm App. It has really nice guidance and lessons, as well as different background noises like a crackling fire, rain, wind etc.
It costs a bit but there's a free trial version so I do recommend to check it out.