Is there any recommendations of a way that I can meditate without it making me so tired ? I’ve heard of people getting energized from meditation and I’ve never experienced that but would love to !

Rebecca E.
I don't remember where I read or heard this, so take it with a grain of salt, but someone said that feeling sleepy or even falling asleep while meditating is not a bad thing. You can embrace it as communication from your body and mind.

In meditation, you are removing distractions that you may have been using to distract yourself from how exhausted you may be. It could be that meditation is simply allowing you to clearly feel how much you really need a nap!

It could be something else too, of course, that's making you feel drowsy in meditation. Like maybe that's your body's response to feeling understimulated or overstimulated. You could try a different form of meditation, like a walking meditation or something else to meet those needs better. Either way, listen to your body and find out what it's telling you there in the quiet focus of meditation. Find what works for you!

G Nter Q.
Meditation is none other but the way to concentrate and aim for your most wanted, most sacred desires. Cleanse your mind from useless facts that discourage you and gain an active attitude towards the acceptance of your mistakes, of your successes, keep calm and try to focus on something that should always be in your mind to keep you moving forward.
Cecil O.
For me meditation, so far, didn't energize me . It just made me calm and brought me to present. You can try mindful meditation for 5mins daily initially and gradually increase the time as you get good at it see if that helps.😀👍