How to start meditation

Irmengard F.
First, I think you have to want to do it, to understand the benefits and don't take it as a chore. Secondly, must know that it takes time. It's not something that you succeed at first day. You must be patient and practice every day.
There are apps and videos can help you with techniques of focus, or to make a daily program of meditation that suits you.
You can give a try to yourself right now!
Just take a comfort seat, close your eyes and try to be calm.. Just this!
Imke E.
I have just started to do meditation. Therefore I'm a beginner. So I'm gonna narrate you how I have started. So I looked for mediation videos for beginners on youTube. The things they tell you are :
– find a comfortable seat
– inhale and exhale
– inhale deeper and exhale making sure it lasts longer than the inhale
– abdomen rising when inhaling and contracting when exhaling
– let yr thoughts come in yr mind and to stop thinking abt them, focus on yr breathing
Rose X.
Utilize the meditations on Fabulous or find them on You Tube.

How do I stay motivated? The Fabulous app holds me accountable.

With nicer weather coming on, go for walks and practice breathing.