When do I really need to meditate?

Frederikke B.
When life is hectic and I can’t seem to catch up. There is also those times to find peace before the day starts to better deal with life’s ups and downs.
Mildred Z.
If you want my opinion i would say you should start with doing it 3 times a week, usually before sleep at night. Because it helps you to sleep better, fall asleep easily and wake up with a great mood, then you should go for 5 times a week, and then go for every night, if you couldn't do it once or twice dont be defeated, keep going. Wish you the best, you can do it 🙂
Auguste S.
I like to meditate before bed because it gives me a restful state of mind before I sleep and I find that it helps me fall asleep sometimes.
Anthony W.
When you think you don't have the time for it. 🙂 That's when I find I need it the most. Otherwise – every day of at all possible.
Bertram U.
I truly believe everyone should meditate every single day, even just for 5 minutes if you have a very busy day. Find a time where you’ll have complete peace and quiet. I like to meditate early in the morning when everyone else is asleep, and use it to set the right intentions for the day. If you’re struggling to focus you can meditate while staring at a candle.
Andrzej X.
No but you if you have anxiety then it maybe helpful to you Like I don’t do it everyday but I do it before a test like in the morning
Hunter E.
Whenever you can, even if it's just 2 minutes a day. You can use it as a tool to sleep, focus during the day, calm anxiety or anger. Absolutely no wrong answer.
Anne Rose P.
I often find that I know I really need to meditate when it is the hardest for me to do so.
When I'm feeling overwhelmed and can't seem to stop and be in the present moment.
When my mind is working too much and too fast and I find it hard to concentrate on anything important.
Then it is time to step out, maybe go outside and invest in some time to clear your head. It is always well worth it and it strenghtens your willpower and sense of control over your own life
Victor C.
In my experience, the real effect kicks in when you meditate regularly for a few days / weeks. So even if you feel like you 'don't need' to meditate, do it! 🙂
Adalsino C.
Meditating isn’t a chore, it’s a tool. It’s like clearing off your workbench to start a project. Whenever you need a fresh outlook, take the time to do a quick meditation. Whenever your find yourself with low energy or concentration, put a meditation there.

A long meditation (10-20 minutes) once a day is really important to this. But find meditations that help you for those other times in your day. There are three minute meditations that top you up really nicely.

Milton T.
I think the obvious answer to this question is 'When I'm stressed'. But I don't really know… I haven't tried that one yet. But I've been meditating every evening for 4 or 5 days in a row now and it really makes me feel better. It calms my nerves and even if I don't go to sleep right after my meditating session I fall asleep easier than before. So according to my experiences I should do it every night.
Arnulf Z.
Now. I teach meditation and people make it far too difficult. Start small, start simple, start now. If you practice hanging out actually in your body, noticing how it feels from the inside out, you're meditating. If you use an app that helps guide your mind you're meditating. If you gaze at a candle for a couple of minutes you're meditating. Just like a good mom that gives a toddler a quiet time out we can give our minds a few moments whenever we think about it to jump off the rat wheel of daily thinking just gently focus on something. Then when we really need to apply meditation superpowers like during a crisis, or for an important event or to just get something done we will have the path perpared. Good luck. Try it right now.
Michelle C.
Every single day. It is vital to my well-being and mental stability. The days I do not feel like meditating are the days that I need it most, and more of it.
Judith W.
Morning is the best time to meditate. It helps you start your morning fabulously. However, if your not comfortable with it or you forgot to meditate in the morning you can easily mediate at noon in the office or in the evening while walking.
Renata N.
When you are stressed out or need to connect to the present you need to meditate, even if it's only a minute. Meditating will help you focus and be able to handle what comes up during the day. Meditating every day will help you be more calm and you will be able to handle what life throws at you.
Andrea J.
It is best to meditate either early in the morning or before going to sleep . I also have the habit of doing several one minute meditations throughout the day
Christian W.
A regular practice helps avoid becoming excessively stressed or emotional and helps you to communicate peacefully and with clarity. Also good to have basic breathing techniques to draw on for when continengices arise.
Fel Cia P.
I meditate everyday, often right before I go to bed, to take the time to reflect on my day. Before I started to meditate, I didn’t think it was really that necessary, but I noticed that the more I meditated the better I felt. From then on, I started to view meditation as a habit that I perform everyday, similar to brushing my teeth. It became an essential part of my day to day routine. However, everyone is diffferent.
Katie T.
You can put meditation in morning ritual as a routine. Also when the circumstance happens, you can also take emergency meditation. For example, anxiety, intention, feeling out of control.
Anatol N.
First you need to set some time aside from your day to commit to meditation. Give the practice some dedication to get a good sense of how it will help you when you need it most. I think in times of high stress and moments of despair, meditation is the best tool to ease the mind into a peaceful state. I believe that’s when you REALLY NEED to meditate. Your brain is in desperate need of defragmentation.
Julie N.
Whenever you can find time to get it done. At your desk, brushing your teeth, walking the dog…there is no wrong time. Even 2 minutes counts.
Soline F.
I don't think there there is a right time or right way to meditate. I meditate all the time. There are many ways to meditate. I think missy people think of it as shutting everything out of the mind, sometimes that's what it is. Other times it's diving deep and focusing on the subconscious and picking it apart. Sometimes it's stopping and breathing to find a calm space at your center, and other times is about being in the moment being present. I meditate constantly throughout the day when I'm walking.
Victor Z.
My favorite time is in the morning, so I can have a clear visualization of the day, and at night so I can get a really good sleep
Luanda A.
Whenever you want to, especially when you are stressed or angry. I prefer listening to meditating videos while sleeping, helps me sleep peacefully.
Valentine X.
I think the best time of day to meditate is the morning. I've been doing it for the past while and I feel more relaxed in the morning for doing it. It's also a great way to start off your day, instead of the usual looking at your phone. I feel like it trains yourself to be more disciplined to do it in the morning by making one of the first things to do in your morning routine instead of delaying to do it.
Tiago O.
I have set it up to be both in the morning, as I am trying to centre my thoughts and emotions. In the evenings, it is more for me to set the tempo for the night in the sack. I used to do it in midday but work life has sort of taken that time.
I would say the moment you are comfortable with it, do it anytime. If you need to pull yourself towards yourself, do it. Mornings and in the evening.
Siegbert E.
There is no right or wrong answer for this question. For me it works best, when I feel overwhelmed with work or stress and are no longer able to focus or think. I work in an environment where I need to think on my feet and have to answer a million questions in a day. I meditate to unwind, to slow down my brain and allow myself to reflect on decisions I made or have to make. Furthermore during meditation I take time to visit my safe, positive places and to really let go of all that’s negative.
Zedeci Z.
When you can't concentrate on your work anymore or when you feel stressed. That's a clear sign that you need to breathe.
Mikkel Z.
That’s a very subjective thing. Depends on what you want out of it I guess. I like to start the day with a ten minute meditation followed by SOS meditation whenever I am overwhelmed with the external or internal factors. Basically it helps me calm down and focus on what is really important and of top priority. However there are no fixed timing because subconsciously you carry the mindfulness through your the rest of your day if you form it a part of your routine. Sit down, relax and enjoy your moment. Because it is all yours and exclusively yours.
Henoch C.
I wish I knew! I am having a really hard time at incorporating regular meditation because there just never seems to be the right time.
Jo Y.
When I started meditating I do it in the morning, to complement the morning pages and after my morning yoga. With Fabulous, I tried doing it at night… and boy, it was tougher than in the morning. My mind was full of things that happened during the day, I can’t free my mind and just focus on my breathing. But despite the struggle, I realise that I actually start to sleep better. Unless you’re a monk in training, night is the best time of the day to meditate. Free your mind for the day. It helps.
Liva W.
As regularly as possible. Other than that, I don’t think there’s any set time that’s a must. Most people recommend it in the morning and I like that the most, too. But I’ve changed it to night since it fits my schedule better.
Benjamin U.
Meditation is very individual. As you begin you’ll notice each coach is offering you the choice to sit in a chair, or on the floor, or to lay down. So before you begin it’s good to think about when in your day you feel you need inspiration… Morning or evening, or even mid-afternoon. I personally enjoy meditation in the morning because I can use the practice to set my daily intentions and be introspective before I need to plug fully into mom-mode and self-employed mode. Good luck!
Gaspard Q.
Habits are build on persistence. It takes a while for your reflexes to take the long breathe in before acting. Your body/ mind reflexes will soften over time
Tilde C.
Whenever it feels right for you. When you are stressed, before bed, when you first wake up. There is no right time, just follow what feels good for you
Nicole U.
I need to meditate in the morning before I leave my house in order to help with lowering any anxiety and to be positiveI.
Krin W.
A simple answer would be twice a day for 15-20 minutes. It is great if you are able to make it into a daily habit twice a day. If not- I would suggest every morning meditate after your morning exercise. It helps you settle down and be calm for rest of the day. If your buttons were pushed during the day u wind with the second round before you go to bed or before dinner.
Loiva S.
I try to do it in the morning, right before sleep and when I get home. Meditation in the morning make me to avoid distraction and stay on track. Meditation before bed helps me to get calm and get read of useless memories. Meditating right when I get home helps me to stay mindfull when I am more tired and need more awareness to control my eating and avoide binging on netflix and use the remaining part of the in the best way.
Rena Q.
I would say, if you feel suffocated. If you feel like you need to get something off your chest but you don’t have the words for it yet. Meditation helps soothe your busy and frustrated soul.
William C.
Hard question for me to answer exactly…..and a couple of thoughts. I would suggest experimenting to see if there are benefits that you notice. Also Asking the question of what you are hoping to get out of meditation may be something to consider. Best to you
Tilde W.
Meditation is one of those things that can be done at any time. I use it whenever I’m feeling anxious frustrated angry or any thing that takes me away from who I truly am or striving to be. Connects you back to center