What benefits will I gain from meditation? Because I don’t feel changes.

Francilene E.
There are many benefits to meditation. Just sitting down or walking while concentrating on your breath or heart beat takes self discipline so each time that you practice meditation, you are practicing self discipline.

Additionally, concentrating on your breath can help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Meditation can also help with brain function and cognitive growth.

There are so many good things that come from meditation that it is a wonder that more people don’t take up the practice.

Jussara E.
Meditation gives you the time and space to organise your thoughts and relax your mind so that you can be more focused and present. If you think of your mind as your bodies internal operating system like a computers hard drive, then meditation is like the defragging process where files get organised and space is created so everything can operate more efficiently and effectively

Joseph W.
Changes due to meditation can be very gradual. Do keep practicing. Keep paying attention to how your body and mind feel and keep watching your behavior. Try meditating for 30 days straight and then take two days off and compare how you feel. Try switching up your meditation style or technique. Don’t let yourself get stuck thinking you’re doing it and it’s not working. And if you end up taking a break from meditating keep it in your mind and come back and try again. Keep trying and find the benefits you experience.

H Lio I.
Its good cuz even when u sleep ur brain works and I read on apage of internet an Studio that make a psycaitry who said dat we need silence for 10 min and don’t made our brain our brain works for been in peace

Gabriella V.
As with so many healthy changes that take time to acquire, meditation is one which has benefits over time. With practice, we can develop our own instincts and sharpen our abilities to stop negative thinking and the resulting behaviors and decisions, all because of the practice with with identifying thoughts and sensations within our minds and bodies via meditation

Josini C.
There won't be any
big changes , not any you could see or feel. There will be subtle changes in your perception of daily life, you would feel more calm, more at ease

Gerold A.
I feel better able to observe my thoughts and how they impact my actions. When others act I feel less intense reactions and more awareness. I think more clearly and reach better solutions when considerable setbacks and stress occur.

Chiara Z.
Remember nothing happens overnight.Big changes come with consistency.Meditation will cause you to be aware and centered. It will help you learn to be more present in every moment. Don't give up.

Margarete F.
You need time to change. It doesn't come overnight. You will become more self aware and your concentration will be better. I looked video once, brain is like crazy monkey on ecstasy so we have to learn to control it.

Lucien Q.
It is probably very personal. When i meditatie on a regular basis it becomes easier to notice my moods. By noticing you create the oppertunity to respons to that mood. For example, when feeling stressed, by noticing you can relax your muscles. Or when something nice is happening you can actually be present.
It also provides me with a way of stepping away from frequently reoccuring thoughts and makes me more focused during the workday.

Julie F.
The simple answer is that you will become more aware of your thoughts and thought patterns. Our thoughts tend to run our lives. This is such an overlooked aspect of human life that most people, I can safely assume, go their entire lives without ever realizing their thoughts and their ‘true nature’ are not the same. As we age, our thought patterns become rutted and deeply grooved, and bad habits are hard to get out of while good habits are hard to create. If you stay in this realm of experience, you will become more and more entrenched in your opinions as you age.

Meditation dispels this. Think of it as a reboot on your system. If you leave your computer or phone on constantly, ever so often, you’ll need to restart it because it begins to lag or some bug or another appears that can be fixed with a simple restart. Meditating every morning or evening is like this. Start small. Meditate for ten minutes, and don’t try to do anything like stopping your thoughts or reaching a new state of consciousness. Simply sit, breathe fully (this feels great after two or three breaths and your body and mind will begin to crave it), and observe your thoughts. Nothing may happen for week one. Nothing may happen for week two. But soon, you will see something small happen, like beginning to get angry about something that irks you but having the awareness to *decide* whether you want to get angry or not about it. This is a hugely freeing experience. You will be able to step outside of your normal river of thought and decide whether or not you want to be swept away in it. Mental freedom is a priceless gift to yourself, and by extension, to those around you. As you begin to scrub away at the deep grooves, you will find yourself appreciating the present moment more and more, and feeling as though you simply have more time each day. You will feel more relaxed and it may be easier to go to sleep once you get into bed. It does not happen quickly, and it can be hard to get the ball rolling for the first few weeks, but the excitement of seeing results is incalculable. Think of it like this: if you want a six pack, you’re not going to get it by going to the gym once. You’re not going to get it by going to the gym for a week or a month. You need to stick with it. And you’ll probably have to stop drinking all those beers and eating all those potato chips too. But as you continue down the path, you’ll find what you need to do and what works for you to continue advancing the results. The hardest part is getting the snowball rolling. Start with *baby* steps (5 minutes of meditation each morning? 3?) but *stick with them* and move up when you’re ready. Don’t be tough on yourself, don’t try to go too hard. Treat it like teaching a child to ride a bicycle. It takes time, and patience, and empathy. But it will come, and you will be so glad you did it.

Danny F.
For me, it started with realization of what i think. Then it became easier to control my emotions. Just keep doing it. You will start to find a different world inside yourself and you will find power to alter your reality by simply thinking positive thoughts. Every person has his own journey and experience. Yours will be different then mine. But i promise you will love it. Just keep doing it and focus on the positive.

Mair P.
Meditating makes me feel less overwhelmed by stressors and more grounded in my body. It reminds me that my mind and my body are really the same thing and that I need to care for both.

Linda P.
A study has shown that just 6 weeks of mindfulnes practice can actually cause physical changes in the brain. You gain brain mass, literally grow new neurons