What is your favorite meditation tool/technique that takes 5 minutes or less?

X Nio C.
I practice my favorite breathing technique in the morning to prime my day. You take your hands above your head and pull them down like you are doing a pull up. As you do that with your arms, you'll breath in with your mouth and exale with your nose. Do 3×30 times. It helps wake me up and get calm down for my morning meditation.
Jeremy Y.
I used to breathing out first, empty all the air in your stomach. I'm always meditating on my room with low light and bird chirping sound to setting up my mood.
Rene T.
I use Mala beads to mediate. They can be kept close all day which means I can mediate anywhere when I have a spare moment. Each bead is an inhale and exhale. Concentrating on moving my grip on the beads helps me focus on each breath.
Renee S.
Well when I’m meditating I really like when I wake up just to lie in bed and listen to guided meditation to help me get up and I also get meditation in my routine
Cecilie B.
I love guided meditations on YouTube. Honest guys are quite good. It's something I do need to get back into more regularly
Marian O.
It is a ‘washroom’ meditation which is that when you are sitting in the stall you remember to carefully notice the sensations in your hands, then your feet, then your middle. When you wash your hands make the water nice and warm and take a little longer to notice how it feels on your hands.

You can choose other places in your life to practice mindfulness such as on your commute

Edgar Y.
My favorite meditation tool is a Google speaker. I requested it play a specific type of sound or music for a specified amount of time, that way I do not hear the noises outside of my space and I don't worry about how long I have left to meditate.
Grace J.
The very 1st meditation option regarding breathing. If pushed for time, I would rather do this beginner exercise than nothing @ all! 😊