How do you people visualize?

Nicky P.
Close your eyes and imagine your doing what you want to be doing, feel like your already doing it, it’s already yours. Visualise
Gerhild O.
Visualization for me comes in many forms… sometimes I need to scribble some kind of rough diagram down; other times, a more complicated approach is needed. Just depends on the task at hand.

If it’s something more like a meditation, I don’t really think about it, I kind of just let whatever comes to mind go, and then work with it from there.

Trude U.
I not sure if I'm doing this correctly but I imagine myself in a situation, trying to include as many details as I can, so the situation seems more plausible to me.
Lorenzo P.
If a guided meditation has asked me to visualize, or if I am medotating on a certain subject, i simply let my mimd wander to thiughts related to my visualisation topic. It is like letting your dog off leash at a dog park, where tje dog is fenced into a certain area, but is free to roam around and play with other dogs. Keeping your thoughts on topic is a difficult task, but each time you are successful, it becomes much easier.