How to incorporate meditation in morning routine if I already have learning session there and I need to hurry to work?

Lo S O.
Short meditations! You should still have a longer session some other time, different experience, but you can practice specifically meditating in short moments, focus on clearing your mind, usually a better sense of accomplishment because you'll drift less… But I found practicing this short style makes it a much easier reflex when -say, at work. I hit a problem, I have this fast clear-mind reflex instead of worrying or needing a longer session.
David T.
You can see the benefits of meditating even if you can only do it for a short amount of time. Try just 1 minute, even less if you need. Set a timer and focus on your breath for that one minute, that's all you need.
Magn Lia E.
Get an app with a variety of programs at different lengths. Meditation is not about time. It's about consistently bringing consciousness to the mind. Even a session that is less than five minutes can cultivate that practice.
Tracey E.
If you are really invested in making a much better YOU then you will give yourself enough time to fit everything in, even if it means getting up earlier to enable you to do so.
Daisy X.
Meditation can be done anywhere. You just need to focus on your breath and try to stop ur mind from wandering or caring about unnecessary things
Wesley J.
Hi there, it sounds like the root of the question is regarding time management and priorities.

Meditation could be done in a matter of 10 minutes. You could do it by waking earlier in bed or even on the way to work with your earphones on. Mediation, to me, is non judgemental, calming, self-soothing and love.

You could look into ways to cut down time taken for other tasks. Could you learn via audio on the way to work or whilst doing chores?

Ellen U.
Wake up 10 minutes earlier, and do something you enjoy for meditation. Maybe it's putting your favorite song without many words on, or maybe it's listening to something guided to get your head right. Just wake up, and make it the first thing you do.
Kenan C.
It may not be conventional
Meditate in the bathroom
Close your eyes and focus on the sensation of the soap suds as you wash
While you brush your teeth or hair
Evelyn T.
Work on waking up earlier and quite possibly going to sleep a little earlier.

Your body, mind, and soul will all thank you.

Elijah C.
Meditation is helpful whenever it fits in your schedule. Even short periods are fruitful. If a 20 minute morning session is not possible, try a 10 or even 5 minute session. Take a longer session later in the day. The cumulative effect will be similar. If I cannot do a longer session in the morning due to my schedule, I take two shorter sessions.
Nuray W.
Easy before you get dressed in the morning, while your in the shower, or simply before you walk into work. You don’t have to meditate for long periods of time. 1or 2 minutes maybe even 5 minutes is good. I hope this helps and have a great day 😊.
Maja W.
I guess my first thought would be to get up earlier, so you can accomplish all that you want.
But if you think about it, you can meditate almost anywhere, and it does not have to always last a long time. You can focus on your breathing while driving or commuting to work, or find five minutes to close your eyes, pay attention to your breathing and be greatful about something for that day.
S L Na Y.
I use the app ‘Waking Up’. Best meditation app there is. You can fit in an 8 minute meditation – even if it means waking up 8 minutes earlier.
Dwayne O.
Im not sure of your morning routine is,I would consider waking up 10 mins earlier to meditate,I feel as if this is important and really changes how your day will turn out
Carla E.
The answer is simple. If you want to do both in the morning but are short on time.. wake up earlier! Which also means going to bed earlier.. which also means cutting some things out that may not be necessary. Power down your devices at an earlier time. Or perhaps you could move your learning session to the evening? The best way that I’ve found to create a routine that actually works is to plot it out on paper hour by hour. That will give you a clear view on how much time you actually have (it’s always less than we think) and how you want to spend it.
Caroline W.
Start small, I do mine in bed before starting my morning. Just 5 min even 3 min if you feel it's to long at first. Once you reinforce the habit you are going to wake up a bit earlier to make room for meditation. I have my meditation on my phone ready so when I wake up I put a guided meditation so I won't fall back asleep
Marcus T.
What has been instrumental for me when it comes to morning meditation practices and that’s understanding meditation can be done anywhere. So if you are in a hurry to work and you drive, meditate as you drive. All meditation doesn’t req for you to close your eye. If all you did was inhale stillness and calmness and exhale stress and anxiety to a meditation music you’ve done your part.
Bendavid Z.
"A busy medical intern would always get frustrated at waiting for the lift to arrive. His consultant noticed this and told him to be glad and, not to think the slow lift as a waste of time but as a chance to practice deep breathing".
Elias Q.
Meditation is something you can do in your commute to work. Also you can always wake up a little bit earlier so you can meditate as soon as you wake up. Finally try not to be too rigid with your routine maybe you can meditate in the evening or find a quiet place at work where you can practice it.
Chloe S.
You could try to meditate on your way to work. I do something similar, by trying to remain focused on my breath during the commute. Otherwise, you could try meditate as soon as you wake up. Hope this helps! 🙂
Lance J.
A good life is first and foremost about choosing priorities towards your path, whichever it might be. The priorities will help choose what you ought to do to make the best (not necessarily the most) of the hours between coming home from work and going there again.

Adequate sleep is a must, somewhere between 7-9 hours per night, depending on needs. The rest of the time can be devoted to priorities: kids, eating, solitary time, maintenance of things, self-development, working out, relaxing and meditating, etc.

The time that is there is ours to dispose and, if necessary, negotiate for when in a family. How you choose to spend the time will determine the outcomes.

That said, could you move some of the time from the evening to the morning by going to bed earlier and/or work on your evening routing. Could you shift some of the morning or evening tasks to the weekend?

Likely, there is a possibility to shift the morning 15 minutes early to accommodate?

Tina N.
Get up 10 mins earlier, or become quicker in your morning routine. The good thing about mornings is that it's a reliable source of time that only belongs to you before the day starts. You can easily manipulate it.
Jacqueline J.
Wouldn't it follow that a learning session done AFTER clearing the mind would be more effective. Perform a short 5-10 minute meditation before your learning session. Im quite sure you'll see improvement.