Do you prefer guided meditation or silent?

Natalie P.
I have a hard time focusing in the morning, so I prefer guided meditation in the morning. At night, I like silent meditation. I started that practice guided though. When I felt more confident, I tried silent a few times and it went well.
Ethan A.
Right now, as a beginner, I prefer guided meditation. But as I improve on my mindfulness, and after being guided many times, I think I'll be able to appreciate silent meditations more often
Vishav N.
Yes,it guided me into my thoughts and prevented me from going totally of road,I feel like the audio quality was not as good though,hopefully you guys get something going for that! Anyways thanks a lot,I feel great
Malou P.
At the moment I enjoy guided meditation. It helps me stay on track with my breath but in the future I will practice silent sessions. Guided meditation are the training wheels until silence unfolds.
Diane O.
I prefer a silent meditation. Clearing my head and focusing on stillness is the most difficult task I face each day, so I set aside time to do just that.
Angel X.
Defeniently guided, my head is way to busy for silent meditation.
Plus I like the way guided meditation paints a picture around you, with my own imagination.