How do you stay awake when meditating?

Selma C.
Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting good quality sleep? What time are you trying to meditate?

since I don't know you I have to make some assumptions but I think I would start there. I know in the past when I have started health initiatives like exercise or meditating, I have sacrificed sleep to fit it all in. Sometimes I still do. But I have to remember that good sleep is just as important as anything else. And I can't let anyone dictate how much sleep is right for me either. That is up to my body, not a national average

So, if you are trying to wake up extra early in order to meditate, make sure you are going to bed earlier too. And take your time getting used to the new schedule. If you need some time to just get used to being awake at that hour, take a few days to do something else. Something that will keep you awake.

You could also do something a little stimulating before you meditate. I always brush my teeth and drink a large glass of water when I first get out of bed. And then I meditate. Maybe go for a walk first?

I hope this helps

Ortrun Y.
I usually meditate in the morning or daytime so that helps a lot. Sometimes I notice my mind is producing dreams even though I am awake. I hope to add an evening session soon, and then I might be back here asking others the same question.๐Ÿ˜‰
Marko Y.
When meditating you want to be aware of your body, emotions and your surroundings. If you feel your mind wandering bring your attention back to yourself, whether you are focusing on your breath or taking note on how you feel, etc.
Joe E.
If you fall asleep when meditating it means you aren't meditating, just resting. Resting is OK, but it's not the same as meditating. If you get tired, I suggest having shorter meditation sessions in the evening and longer sessions in the morning/afternoon. Don't get too confortable, do it in a cool place wearing comfortable and not very warm clothes. Sit directly on the floor, making the natural curvature of the spine this way.
Clara N.
Sometimes I donโ€™t ๐Ÿ™‚ But when I fall asleep, I trust the signals my body is sending that I need to rest. Otherwise, I find that sitting upright, and meditating with prayer or mala beads in my hands is the best way to ensure wakefulness and attention while meditating. I count the beads as I count my breath.
Derrick C.
I try to focus on my breathing pattern and be aware of my surroundings, how my feet feel when crossed and what I feel in my hands when I rest them on my knees. Doing it in the morning definitely helps. Also don't forget to use the meditation tool in the fabulous app itself, it'll help you start meditating the right way and you will have a better understanding of what to do when you want to meditate.
Heidi U.
If I want to stay awake, I don't lay down.
Sometimes I meditate to calm down or fall asleep, and in that case I lay down.
But often I meditate over a 'certain matter' and then I sit.
Sometimes I even stand up.
A lead meditation, repeated, to suggest some insights can sometimes be done when preparing a cup of tea (or something else that doesn't need much attention).
A bath can be a perfect time for meditating moore 'freely' (over your own topics). When feeling almost weightless, your body will not disturb you.
Sometimes I meditate more focused on the meditation itself. On the breathing and on how the body feels. In those cases it can be a training to 'be disturbed' by the body and to learn how to neglect it. (And not move your legs every time you sense a small pressure.)
When I am having trouble focusing, I try to put my hands i a 'typical meditation position' (your thumbs touching your middle fingers). That helps focusing, because it's a little hard for me.
Vanessa P.
I make sure I have slept beforehand. If I'm tired I know for a fact I will fall sleep. Choosing a good time to meditate when I feel refreshed and awake is important.
Karl Hermann R.
I sit up straight. There have been times Iโ€™ve listened lying down and fallen asleep and told myself this was
better than nothing.
If truth be told I grab moments that arenโ€™t the quietest but are free throughout the day. So I might listen on the train on the way to work for example.
Even these first steps are good and true and in the right direction for me.
Leo X.
First you should try sitting up instead of laying down. Next you should try meditating at different times,maybe in the morning,night,or after you take a shower. I hope this helps you and good luck!
Aubin O.
Practice saying in your mind 'stillness of breath' every third outbreath. It takes practice but you'll get better at it. Also sleep more!
Ricky Z.
I sit cross legged when I meditate. It's not super comfortable but I can manage by keeping my mind on my breathe. I do my meditation right after I get up in the morning. If we're to do this in bed, I am sure that I would fall asleep.
Reimar E.
It is necessary to sit with a straight back. This will keep you awake because it is difficult to fall asleep while maintaining this posture. Sit on a firm pillow to take pressure off your lower back and sit up straight.
Huberto F.
Ooof that's a tough one! Usually if I'm waking up or I'm really tired, I try to sit on a cushion or chair instead of lying down. If I am lying down, I focus more on my breath. I find if I keep myself on a physical thing, like breathing, instead of my thoughts, I'm able to stay awake. Then when I feel more alert I can think a bit more. And sometimes, this is a sign you need to sleep! Meditation cant do much if you arent taking care of yourself and your body might be letting you know that they need something else right now. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Reinhart F.
If you feel like sleeping when you medidate, you can try walking meditation or meditate with open eyes and focus on 1 object. You can also count to 10 and start over. There are a lot of ways to meditate, try experimenting and find what works for you ๐Ÿ™‚