I am new to meditation. I usually do guided meditations. I don’t really know what to do in the quiet spaces, my mind wanders. How do I use this time productively?

Flavie Q.
Mind wandering is completely normal if you are new to meditation.You just have to refocus your mind when it gets distracted by other thoughts. As the time will pass you will be able to concentrate and meditate without getting distracted by your thoughts.
Hector X.
For me it is difficult to concentrate on one thing during not guided meditations. I have tried to concentrate on breathing,
Victor F.
I also do guided meditations, and my mind wanders too. However, I still find it calming and beneficial. I try to focus on the breath. Have you tried using a mantra?
Juan Q.
First, try to adjust your mentality. Thinking that you need to be productive while meditating is probably approaching the whole thing incorrectly. The productiveness comes from taking some time out of your day to focus on making yourself better! Next, the silent space is for you. Do something that makes you feel better, while trying to stay in the moment. You can try focussing on your breathing, or seeing how much of your body you can focus on at the same time. See if there are any more muscles you are able to relax, or whether you can make your body feel even heavier. Imagine yourself being in your happy place, allow yourself to smile without forcing it, and enjoy simply being.
Sophia J.
When the mind wanders, bring it back to your chosen anchor, most typically the breath. For me, the purpose of meditation is to just experience and be, and also to train my focus. Coming back to the breath does both.
Victoria T.
There are two ways that I meditate I do it quietly and aloud. When I do meditate quietly I usually find a silent space were I would not be distured for 30 to 45 minutes. The reason why, I would say your mind wonders is because your not thinking on a purpose ,somethink that drives you. Focus on something that you desire the most and let your mind come up with diffrent scenarios to accomplish it. I usually come up with great ideas after I have meditated for more than 25 minutes. Another reason why meditation may not be working for you at the moment is because of your subconscious conditioning, your mind Keep developing negative thoughts that makes it difficult to consentrate on positive outcomes,hence the reason I advocate on staying focused on something you desire the most.When I do meditate aloud I talk to myself, what this does is push away any negative thoughts that arise while meditating and it helps me vent out any bad inner emotions. In the end don't worry, just keep focus on that desire ,vent out any bad thoughs and you'll do great.
Bertha P.
When you notice your mind wandering, gently guide your mind back to your breath. It doesn’t matter if you do that a hundred times – that is where the practice comes in. Every time you guide your attention back to the object of focus, you are strengthening your capacity to be mindful.
John W.
When my mind wonders i notice them and usually visualize them floating away or something but sometimes i use it to recognize what is really bothering me or making me anxious then go back to the meditation and come back to them after.
Urs M.
My mind usually wonders too. I either use guided meditations or I put on a meditation playlist. If I find myself wondering I just gently bring my mind back to what I'm doing.
No Lie Y.
It’s best that you try having a guided meditation as it helps your mind focus and think better. It’s normal for the mind to wander like that so it’s not a major cause for concern. I feel like without a voice/guide I can’t sit still or think the positive/pleasant thoughts which the act of meditation aims to do.
It’s quiet contradicting to say that uou need a guide whist meditating in a quiet space, but it just works better for me.
Consulino A.
you can observe your thoughts, without engaging emotionally, as if these were thoughts of somebody else. after some practice you notice where your mind tend to wander. when you observe your mind went somewhere you may put your focus on your breath. the goal is not to stop thinking but to learn to observe oneself. that’s how I see that. and as a side effect after some time of practicing you will be able to relax deeply during meditation.
Sandra P.
Focus in your breathing. Acknowledge the thought popping into your head but then steer them away and go back to breathing again
Roberto J.
Don’t give up on the guided meditations. If your mind wanders, it’s ok. Notice it then focus on your breath and try to bring your mind to the natural rhythm of your breath and just relax and you can do the guided meditations at night when you are sleeping 😴.
Elijah Y.
First figure out which area of your body you most feel your breath, then try focusing on that area. If your mind wanders, simply return to focusing on that area without any judgement
Thomas T.
Well this the most important part of your day, try to sit alone in a place you feel comfortable In, a quiet place.
Close your eyes and try to listen to some of fabulous sound clip, listen carefully try to imagine the journey of your breath inside your body and whenever you feel like your mind went away try to refresh it like open your eyes stop these thoughts and complete with the sounds clip of a quite music you can choose to put (you will find them on YouTube), and that's it, it's all about closing the eyes and relaxing with a little of imagination, good luck 🙂