What do you do, if you want to stop early?

Marion X.
Sometimes I want to stop early, but I end up pushing my way through.
Jim J.
Well if it's meditating that you want to stop or basically any habit…just stop the activity and promise to try harder next time. The other day I went for a walk that was meant to be for 10 minutes,
But during my walk I wasn't feeling well and only did a few minutes. It might have been just too hot.
But I didn't get discouraged I just returned home and relaxed and had some water.
Then I told myself I would just change the time from 4pm to 7am and it was cooler and I walked a little bit extra to make up for the missed time.
The important thing to remember is your habits/activity isn't written in stone, if it doesn't fit when you scheduled it then change it.
Anna U.
If you want to stop habits early like meditation, consider the reasons why and what is stopping you from continuing. I suggest you reflect on how that habit has changed you and look into a weeks time, and wonder if you are different when you stopped early or not. It is okay to stop early at times, but consistency is key to developing good habits.
Gloria J.
When ever I stop early I just read for a few minutes while focusing on my breathing and my body
Emilie G.
I stop move on sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. The main thing is don't give up! Doing too much might make you tired and bored you might quite. So do something else tomorrow is a new day!🙄
Amanda A.
My pattern has always been to stop early convincing myself a little time is better than nothing but each time I let myself off the hook a little it is easier to justify a little less the next day. Now I am trying to focus on not breaking a promise to myself. If I feel like stopping early I will sit review my goals and breathe think of things grateful for until allotted time over.
Pearl O.
If I want to stop early it's usually that my mind and body are telling me I now need to rest and have actually done enough so I will try to do something a little more relaxing or maybe have a shower or relaxing bubbly bath, perhaps a power nap to help recharge my batteries so I can start again with what I was doing next time. Another thing I might do is to be a bit more creative, do something therapeutic or nice for me, maybe even take some time to read something for a while, until I can get back on track with what else needs to be done 😀❤️ xx