How do you clear your thoughts?

Graycee P.
Okay to be honest, meditation. I just like breathing in my nose and out my mouth, also I dont follow a meditation routine I just sit for 12 minutes and just focus and stretch. But if a routine works for you then i recommend headspace or calm, for apps. Or whatever but that is personally what helps me.
Adalsindo P.
I prefer listening to zen music. I listen to a specific song and it helps me always to relax and leave everything in peace. Also I meditate using the golden balloon šŸ˜‰
Karena A.
Using the meditation classes on the app, going outside in my backyard where it is quiet, ear plugs and closing my eyes and thinking of a being on a beach alone or with my wife
Sofia Z.
Well, that I think depends very much on the person. i myself try to do something that requires my concentration but it's not very difficult, like cycling for 1-2 hours. Or listening to relaxing music. Or I do exercise. Sometimes I also bake bread or cook something that requires more work and attention. It's a bit silly, but sometimes watching things bake (pizza, bread, pastries) feels relaxing and cleansing as well. If you do something and there is a moment when you realize you don't know how much time has passed or you feel that you "came back" to yourself mentally, you are on a good track.
Mildred P.
i usually diffuse some essential oils, light some candles and clean the house to relieve some stress and anxiety and sit down with a glass of tea to think.
Koz N.
my thoughts right now are somewhat clear. i feel like some days i can think very clearly, but some days iā€™m plagued by the past and things that i fear will hold me back.