What are the best meditations?

Jordan J.
It’s best to find one tailored to how your feeling but what I think is most important is getting into a daily routine of meditating and taking that time in your day to relax. You’ll feel so much better.
Vanessa W.
I like a zen style meditation. Just sit and focus on your breath, no guiding narration or speaking.

I try to allow my thoughts to drift into the background. And start by counting my breaths up to 10 and back down again.

The practice is to attempt to feel fully present, focused on my immediate feelings and sensations around me.

It makes me feel more focused and more aware as I go through the rest of my day.

Chris N.
Stop thin breath is a really good app. Waking up and 10% Happier are also good apps but are a bit expensive. I’ve tried a few meditations on the Fabulous app. I do note care for them as much. Too much talking. The ironic ting is I found the Fabulous app looking for a less expensive alternative to Waking Up and 10% Happier!
Rachel L.
Every kind has its own benefits. Experiment. Mindfulness is one of the easiest to practice to expand your awareness and has been shown to have great benefits in studies. Start with mindfulness meditations if you feel drawn to them. Any meditation is better than none though. 😉