Hey there! I mostly use guided meditations since I find it hard to not get distracted with nothing to listen to. Do you have any tips on being able to solely focus on your breathing and only acknowledge your thoughts, rather than dwelling on them? Have a great day and thank you :]

Meghan B.
Hi. I let my thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky, trying to ignore them makes me think about them even more, so i just let them be.
Robert A.
Guided meditation has its perks. If u want to focus solely on breathing go for a run , ur focus automatically improves on ur breathing during and after . Then u can meditate solely focusing on ur breathe w/o getting distracted
Kayla T.
I picture a scene which is a forest with a river running through it. I envision intrusive thoughts and unwanted thoughts in general as leaves floating downstream. I acknowledge the thought then let it drift away. Hope this helps
Harper P.
I would just take the time to focus on what’s around me and focus on the present instead of the past focus on the now instead of Then What matters is how you grow as a person
Hedda X.
Hi and yes I do have tips try putting on some relaxing music or go to the park or outside. But listening to the music u will be able to focus. Also by being outside u will be in nature and that is the best way to relax. Have a good day and I hope these tips will help u to focus.