How do you not fall asleep during meditation in the morning?

Alex C.
Make sure you are sitting up, holding yourself up, and not relying on walls or pillows for back support. Focus on something, like your breathing, and let your mind become very involved in the process. It’s also possible to meditate with your eyes open, if that’s necessary. You may also find it helpful to find a Guided meditation which walks you through a rather rigorous routine to keep you interested and engaged.
Jordan N.
Haha, the goal here is to set up your space before you start meditating to get your mind clear from the wake up fog. I wake up at 5:30 each morning, and sometimes the struggle here is real! For days like that, I recommend Drinking a BIG glass of water, Open up your blinds, make your bed (can't stress this one enough), and put on meditation music to make your brain realise it's awake time and not fall asleep in the silence. Finally, sit upright, especially if you meditate on your bed. I find propping myself up by sitting on a pillow with my folded legs beneath the pillow, or however you like to sit while meditating.

Hope this helps!

Gunar U.
I either like to do a guided meditation in the morning, that way I stay focused and awake, or to meditate once I’m out of bed, which keeps me from drifting back to sleep.
Martin T.
I find the best meditations are in fact wakeful and a source of focus rather than making me feel sleepy. It is possible that it is relaxing but it should be sense of relaxed-alertness.
If you meditate first thing in the morning it might be that it is your body dragging you 'back' to sleep rather than the practice 'sending' you to sleep.
In which case try getting the blood flowing very slightly before starting a few stretches or a little shake or 5 little jumps (very gentle though, you do not want to be out of breath!).
A good 'wakeful' posture is also important. If you have a tendency to feel sleepy sit with a straight back, unsupported if possible, and on a firm chair or the cross-legged on the floor is better than a soft chair or bed. You want to be comfortable but not 'comfy'.
These tips might help you get more of a sense of energy from your meditation. But do not judge yourself harsh if you do not achieve this every time or right away, it will come in time.
Isidoro F.
I dolt do meditation in the morning but if I did I would wake myself up with some stretching or a shower first or maybe going for a run