How many times a day is it too much to meditate? Would 3 be a good number? How long each session?

Shiva F.
For beginners, better start with 10 min each day and learn technics, then you can increase the time according to your progress
Jessi Z.
I dont think you can meditate too much. Even mindful breathing in between or mindful eating or mindful walks are a form of meditation. And I do that all the time. Just randomly in between concentrate on what I smell, feel, hear, see and a lot of times just focus on my breath. It calms me down. I have anxiety so I need these small "meditation" sessions in between. And the lenght depends on what you feel comfortable with. For some people 5 minutes is enough to calm down. Some people need longer. Try it out multiple times and see which lenght is good for you 😊
Josh C.
Meditate however many times until you feel like you have learned enough or feel like your purpose through your meditation session has been achieved, there is no ‘too much’ meditation as long as it’s not getting in the way of things like eating, or crucial human interaction.
Dale B.
I think everyone is different! Some people might like to meditate only once a day and other 5 times! If 3 times feels right to you then that’s great! Maybe start off with 10-15 minutes for each session and see how that goes. Then you can increase or decrease the time as you please.
Terrence Z.
3 is an excellent number. You don’t have to commit to this number tho. If some days you feel like you only do one that’s ok but if other days you wanna do 3 that’s also great but start off small at first just to get the basics down. Then after that you can do as many times as you would like or for even longer. 30 minutes for each session is a good amount of time you can always do longer but 30 minutes is how long I prefer because I still have time for other things in the day.

I usually journal about where and who I want to be in the future, who I am now, and what I want to let go of. Sometimes I also do something like 10,10,10 journaling and you write down 10 things you are thankful for, 10 things you like about yourself, and 10 affirmations. I also sometimes like to write about my emotions or some memories. Good luck 🙂

Dustin P.
I think 3 is a perfect amount. It gives you time throughout the day to reflect, relieve your stress, take a break from the world. I think that 10-15 minutes per meditation would be great.