How do you feel after meditation?

Amanda G.
Well, isn't easy to do it. So everyday is a new challenge!
When I have a nice session, generally I feel calm, quiet and very contemplative. I already notice that when I meditate I rarely get stressed or annoyed with something during my day.
Aditya P.
Calm, peaceful and joyful.
Or ifnin simole words i would say, more aware of life.
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I'm not sure whether you will do this meditation or not, but i can with confidence say that if you will start doing this meditation you will not be the same person (all things I'm saying on my own experience).
At tge end : Everything is connected whether you do meditation or not, it was happened because it has to be, but in real life you can break this cycle because you have your own "concious" will.
Kirstie Y.
I like the feeling of having room in my mind. I like to meditate first thing in the morning, at around lunch time and before bed. It’s nothing special, sometime it’s just be quite for 5 minutes to get grounded and together. Xx
Stephanie N.
After I meditate I feel relaxed. It’s almost like my body is buzzing or something is being washed over me. It’s a wave of calm and peace. I do this after I practice gratitude so my meditation furthers my sense of gratefulness. It’s quiet.
Fanny O.
Thank you so much for your question. I’ve only just begun the habit of meditation. So far in my experience, I feel serene and at peace with acceptance of my present being as well as who I am. It’s important for me to be present, as well as accepting of who I am today, since these last couple of years I’ve had a bit of a misplaced identity. Creating the habit of meditation has allowed me to be me again – accepting of my present and at peace with who I am.
Danny E.
Well, after just after finishing my morning hour, I can answer this truthfully.
Firstly, the major misunderstood point of meditation is to not feel a certain way. It's to notice and observe your feelings with equanimity. Some days it's easy, some days it's hard, but the truth remains either way. The truth of your breath and sensations. Your body does not lie, your mind does.
In light of the question, I feel calmer, more focused, and more engaged with whatever task is at hand, such as this one. I think less of the future & past, and more of the present. Ultimately, making everything a bit brighter and better, no worries, no fears, no complexities, just here and now.
However, like I said, you should not aim to feel a certain way, simply accept the way you feel now. Sometimes I come out of meditation distressed, unhappy, ecstatic, etc. So, do not put pressure on yourself for not feeling the way you want, the magic is accepting the way you feel and knowing that it WILL change over time, such is The Law of Impermanence.
Love and Compassion to all. ❤