How to sit for a good meditation time.

Molly Z.
Be in a quiet, comfortable space. I personally find, as well as most people also do that sitting on something cushiony is a comfortable way to sit. Make sure you put headphones in, preferably noise cancelling ones for the best and upmost experience (:
Aisha Y.
It can still be hard for my sometimes but as an overthinker I either turn my thoughts off and tell myself that I'm using this time for me and my better well being. I started off small by doing 1 minute meditations and 30 seconds more every week until I got into the habit of it. Remember it's okay to have your hands in ANY comfortable position and if closing your eyes is stressful do it for half the meditation and leave it open for the other half until you get used to it.
Manuel F.
Позата за добра медитация си я избира всеки човек, както му е удобно. Трябва да му е комфортно и удобно, за да не мисли за неудобство и да има спокойна и добра медитация.
Dorota A.
Any comfortable position will be good as long as it allows you to relax both your body and mind. I personaly like to lay down on my back.
Benjamin N.
Try to be non-judgmental and accept the fact that you won't be able to keep your focus all of the time.
Smilingly observe when you notice you've grown distracted and gently guide your thoughts back to the meditation.