Why do you meditate?

Nils C.
To stop myself from over thinking. To think more positively throughout the day. For my health. To feel more calm. Lessen my anxiety. Lastly, to manifest things and make them come faster to me.
Christian P.
I overthink and overanalyze and it's hard to refrain when there's a lot going on everyday. I meditate to have my mind focus on only one thing even if there are million things to take care or think of, even if it's only for 5 min everyday.
Fradique A.
Simply put, to better my mind. Meditation helps you to train your mind so that you can be less emotionally reactive to the world around you and instead be generous and calm with yourself and others. It’s possibly the most important thing you can do for your mental health.
Mathilde Z.
I started learning meditation after I began having temper tantrums (apparently I never had them when I was a small child, which was necessary) and I have continued because it continues to help me deal with my mental health.
Nina A.
Meditation is good a good way to regulate your mood. It helps improve memory and concentration. Meditation is a way to be more present.
Julie Z.
To observe things from a 3rd person neutral perspective. To see how the mind works. To observe the various thoughts that come to mind. To press the pause button. To take a break. To be aware.
Suzanne S.
Мне нравится замедляться, наблюдать внутренним взором за своим телом и дыханием! Иногда я нахожу прекрасные инсайты , но это не главное. Мне ценно само состояние. Возможность отключиться от ритма, побыть с собой
Corina N.
To make my mind stable and increase overall happiness.It has surprising results although in starting it can be quiet boring.
Bertram X.
Regardless of if you think it's a spiritual practice or just a scientific one there's way too many benefits of meditation not to do it. From a spiritual point of view I feel it connects me to my purpose. From a scientific one I find it helps me better achieve my goals. Besides personally meditation has helped me get out of dark moments in my life so it holds a special place in my heart.
Carmen T.
I find meditation relaxing. I count my breaths and listen to the directions or the music. I did have to work up on the timing. Start with 2 or 3 sessions that are 1 minute long. Then do a session that is 2 or 3 minutes long. Slowly work up.
Molly Z.
Primarily to relieve stress and anxiety however I find that it can be an extremely enjoyable experience at times when you are already feeling relaxed and well. It's important to do what you can to maintain the good feelings and not fall back in to the bad habit of not making time for yourself, even if just for 5 minutes a day.
Ross Q.
Meditation is one of those great ways to have a break, especially after doing a lot of hard work. It’s a great way to unwind, and disconnect whatever happened before. Even just for 10 minutes. This also helps to put healthy energy into me to use for the rest of the day.
Wyatt U.
Because I need to divide the reality and my picture of it, as well as to divide myself and my thoughts, my nature and my personality. I do meditation to be more focused and disciplined
Daisy X.
I meditate to have control over my mind. To bring me peace. Notice my body's language to me. The tight areas, the stresses, the fiscomforts and pain.
Katrine X.
I started meditating because I used to have a lot of anxiety attacks, helped plenty with that. Now I guess I meditate because while at it, it sort of made me to build a safe place (time… thing… you choose) within and away from whatever’s happening in the world. One I can always come back to, that’s trustworthy, welcoming, where I’m not judging and implying all the time, a place I can just be (that was very lennon/maccartney 🙂 Gradually I started feeling more grounded and leveled. Not long after that I begun making the changes that were so necessary in my life (which were a lot!), so I guess it helped with building a new foundation too. Haven’t had huge anxiety attacks for a long time now.
Dick U.
It’s a great way to calm you down and to be present. It also helps me reduce anxiety, stress, and puts you in a more relaxed state. I always meditate before I go to bed as I have a difficult time falling asleep and guided sleep meditation always comes to the rescue. I highly recommend trying it out!
Louisa P.
Meditation as you begin may seem odd to you, but as you repeat it again and again and start focusing on your breathing and posture it will be a getaway from any stress or negativity that may be surrounding you. And always remember there is no wrong way to meditate.
Emilie Z.
Because I want to be able to calm down and relax and get rid of my stress, anxiety and nervousness and I want to be able to sleep better and I also want to feel very peaceful ☮️ and relax my body and mind and get rid of all of the tension in my body.
Lohan N.
I meditate to slow my mind down to transition from my work life to my home life when I feel like I can't switch off naturally. It also helps me to rest better by feeling calm, so I'm more energetic, and effective and positive about my abilities and about myself as a person
Thibaut S.
It makes me feel at peace, more balanced, much happier and most importantly is noticing and appreciating internal feelings and body functions as well as building sharp attention in noticing the world around me.
Tara U.
To know who I am. To understand how my mind truly works. To find peace and love. To get better sleep. To find better focus during the day. To remember what it feels like to be alive. To feel good.
Nellie Z.
To create a sense of distance from the things that overwhelm me. It helps me to train my mind to view things from a non judgemental place, rather than an entrenched view point.
Herman E.
I started to meditate, because I heard that it is beneficial for you health. Now I know for sure that it is. After I meditate, I feel better and more energized, focused and ready to work hat my best.
Ezio P.
I meditate because it makes me feel grounded, and grateful to be alive to be able to feel, breath, hear and see. Meditation has helped me relieve a lot of stress on challenging days, it helps me declutter my mind from all type of thoughts. I really like guided meditations it honestly calms me down when my anxiety is high
Emma J.
It helps me keep my mental health problems in check. I think about things too much and obsess over thoughts and decisions and imaginary decisions just to create more anxiety for myself in a snowball effect, but regular meditation helps me notice this pattern and others as they are happening so I don’t have to be subject to my own neuroses. It gives me more control.