Do you meditate more than once a day?

Jess Q.
I really try! My usual is 20 minutes twice a day. Most days I am only able to get in my morning meditation. working on being more consistent with my evening one! 🙂
Randall J.
Some days I meditate more than once. It really depends on my stress level, but I try to keep a minimum of once a day to maintain a balance. Sometimes my meditation is split into a few moments a day. I once learned that meditation doesn't have to happen all at once. It's about creating a balance throughout the day and managing your thoughts as you go through the day.
Brittany F.
Yes morning and night. To start the day off in a calm mood and to relax before bed. Also when I'm having a hard, stressful, anxiety filled day; I do a short meditation or breathing exercise.
Edgar B.
Sometimes! My only consistent daily meditation is to fall asleep, but on days that I work I end my work day with by meditating with my breath. I’ll also occasionally set up a nice bath and meditate there.
Michelle X.
Yes sometimes. Most days I try to get something in the mornings I find it helps focus me for the day. Now with the fabulous app I’m also meditating at night. The nights I do in bed as a breathing exercise. I’m finding it helps me fall asleep