Where is you favorite place to meditate?

Tess Q.
Somewhere comfortable and quiet. Sometimes that's on the living room floor sitting on a yoga block, othertimes it's sitting on my bed in the evening as part of my night time routine
Sofia W.
A place where I am supported. Preferably somewhere comfortable. On the bed. In my chair. On my sofa. With my earpieces on. And with ambient noise.
Marin O.
Oddly, my favourite place to meditate is in my car: the seat is comfortable, the temperature pleasant. I can park up somewhere quiet on the way to work and I won’t be interrupted or distracted.
Armando S.
I’ve meditated in many Incredible and inspirational places, with many Great teachers who are far beyond what I consider my place on my journey to be. Nature is one of my favorite environments to meditate in because it feeds me. But we live in such an lifestyle environment that I finally reached a point after many years that I no longer feel that I have to be in a special place to meditate and I truly believe that the best place to meditate is wherever you are at the present moment. So following that practice I’ve meditated in unlikely places, with unlikely distractions around me, and found this intentional meditation to be deeply rewarding. Overall my meditative practice is based on that moment whether I’m in a supremely serene setting, or with very learned people, or in a forest or in a busy waiting room or performing a task….. I find I still receive the gift of mindfulness that is always helpful. It’s all good!
Felix W.
I meditate in bed, it’s a part of my morning routine, I get up and have a shower then I go back to bed as it takes me a while to fully wake up (plus pain and stiffness slows me down) so I use this time to meditate, which I do lying down due to issues with my hips. The important thing is to find what works for you. Sone people can meditate anywhere, others prefer to have a set place, but at the endof the day it’s the habit itself rather than the location that matters
Filippa W.
Today I meditated in a beautiful calm scenic place in Mountains of Cyprus, it was inspiring. But normally I do it in my room. Sometimes it's even better. The important part is the meditation itself.
Alice O.
I usually meditate in my bed before sleep and when I wake up. But I can easily find a quiet place if I need calm or to meditate during the day.
El Onore G.
I love how it feels to be out in nature while meditating. A nice secluded spot found on a walk. Down by some running water. Sun warming your soul. It’s lovely!
Oliver G.
Sitting upright in my bed right before sleep. It relaxes my mind, helps me let go of the day and it is easy to just fall back and asleep afterwards.
Lo C P.
Hmm… I mostly meditate in private in my room to make it easier, but it would be awesome to meditate on a mountain or in nature.
Vera Z.
The bath at night.. I make sure by 10pm latest to wind down at night and a bath is a must for me .. light candles oil burner on ice cold water to drink the pop the earphones in beautiful bath bombs and this is how I have my night routine
Seth Y.
The basement. I also smoke here (I know it's unhealthy). I have a problem with falling asleep each time I meditate, so I found this solution. I can think about things with cigarette in my hand and later I'm writing down my thoughts.
Elza P.
My favorite place to meditate is everywhere. Other than while you're driving there's never a wrong time or place. I've done it in bed at night I've done it in my car when I'm feeling stressed and parked somewhere, and even at my desk. It doesn't matter how long 1 minute 3 minutes 20 minutes. however when I do the longer ones I usually either do it on the floor after my yoga session or in my bed. I prefer laying down because I have a bad back and the long term sitting up does not make 4 relaxation for my back.
Sofie C.
In a clean and quiet place. Usually on my yoga mat after doing yoga or a type of exercise. I prefer to meditate indoors because it allows me to focus my awareness more on my internal life.
Signe E.
Somewhere comterble I don’t like sitting cross legged on the floor I personal sit on a bench that has a pillow and a pad in my room it is very cofterble and where I won’t be desterbed as for timing I do it earl in the morning
Diane U.
I experience my meditation session most completely when I can be outside. Breathing fresh air, hearing sounds of nature and man, and the feeling of being a part of my surroundings. Enjoying the connection rather than planning navigation.
Doreen O.
My room, it’s my zen place. I decorated my room to be peaceful since I spend the most time here. I love how i feel in my room. It smells good it’s full of life my plants make it feel earthy. Overall I love meditating in my room.
Rosemary O.
My bedroom is the best place before going to sleep. The most effective if I'm alone but I can do it if my wife is there. I sit on the floor on a carpet in darkness in Turkish seat. Regularly I meditate on a problem what concerns me.
Hector O.
I like to meditate on the bus, It helps with my anxiety being around a lot of people. I switching from getting annoyed or anxious when its loud to letting life go on around me. Its arduous at times, and life goes on
Cleide Q.
I like to meditate in my living room on my couch, which is super comfy, so I don’t have as many aches and pains to distract me.
Larry S.
Living room in front of a window, or in the car before walking in to work. The first gets me in a happier mood before starting the day and the second gives me a moment to steel my nerves and go in with a more optimistic mindset. Don’t always get to do both but any place that is pretty quiet and isolated so no one interrupts is good. Even just doing a minute of meditation during a lunch break if things are getting overwhelming can help
Helene R.
I love meditate outdoor like by the sea or in a quiet park. But as you know this isn't always possible. Because of this i also love meditate in my room.
Ilonka Z.
Your bed when you fall asleep laying down or in the morning when you wake up sitting up on your bed so you don’t fall back asleep.
Bertram N.
In my mind, because it’s portable and once it’s a habit, any quiet space that I can find where I can hold my posture is a good one.
Gabriel O.
I have a meditation space in my house where I meditate twice a day. I have done so for 32 years and every house I have a create a meditation space🙏🏾
Sofia W.
I meditate mostly at night, right before sleeping so I chose to lay down in bed to meditate. Any place will do, if it is free of distractions. Someone asking you a question in the middle of your meditation doesn’t help. I have sat in my car a few extra minutes to meditate. My family has a dedicated “quiet/calm” room for reading-reflection-meditation. Similar to a family room but device free (no tv or stereo either ) and styled more for relaxing & re-balance.