What advice do you have for being successful during the giving up sugar challenge?

Lois E.
For me it was easy because I'm a diabetic but I substituted the sugar for natural things until I was used to the taste of the good foods it was all around health
Zlatko E.
I honestly don’t believe that the no-sugar challenge is the best way to go about losing weight if that’s what you are looking for. When you give up sugar, you find yourself eating more of regular food or feeling hungry and craving the sugar nonstop. You feel deprived and find yourself wanting to give up the diet. If you want to eat less sugar overall, I would suggest having only one little piece of candy a day. This will help you limit your sugar intake and not feel totally deprived. If you are still hooked on the idea of no sugar whatsoever, I would suggest eating an apple whenever your sweet tooth starts kicking in. Apples slow the digestion system and make you feel fuller longer. If you eat an apple a half hour before a meal, you will actually eat much less than usual. But getting back to the point… apples are the best way to go if you want to totally eliminate sugar from your diet, but I still recommend that you just eat only a little piece of candy everyday. If you have any other questions that I could potentially help you with, let me know. Thanks!
Kelly P.
I think every desecion comes should come with a vision, that includes rejecting a future homemade cockie. And i belive it is as best as we prepare ourselves for. Like if you crave sugar everyday, get some sweet healty snack with you to go.
Mikkel Z.
I find that gradually using less sugar will help to become less dependent on that sweet taste. Instead put a little lemon or apple cider in your water. It gives some flavor, makes you feel full, and cuts fat. My favorite celebration for being successful at giving up sugar is to blend a bit of sweet tea with lemonade, lots of ice and maybe a little water. That way it’s like a frosty. Delicious!
Giulia E.
Go through your food and discard everything that has more than 9 grams of sugar per serving. From now on don’t purchase anything that has more than 9 grams. Eat more good fat to offset the sugar cravings. And once a month, go a indulge in something really special and eat slowly and savor every bite – this is the exception not the rule.
B R Nice Q.
Eat lentils and some grains. Take extra B vitamins to get you through. Get regular exercise and sleep. Do the regular breathing routines on this app. Try savoury or vegetable snacks like hummus and red pepper slices and learn some other savory veggie snacks.

Qu Vin E.
I think that you should keep things with sugar out of sight, or have someone keep them in a special place that you wouldn’t find. If you don’t see anything with sugar, you will get used to only seeing things without it. You should also use things like fruit as a sweetener instead of sugar.
Jonas C.
You need to realise that you are addicted like a drug addict to drugs. "oh this one candy doesnt count, its not that much"… Well the drug addict thinks the same about the next dose. It helped me and this way of thinking helps you too.