How do I make meditation a regular habit without being bored, sleepy, or tired? How do I stop myself from giving up?

Lauren S.
You must think of the reason you want to meditate. What is it that motivates you about meditation? Are you doing it because you're told it's good for you, or do you genuinely believe it can be beneficial? Holding your core reason as to why meditation will help you will allow you to refocus your attention, even if you will continually feel bored, sleepy, etc. These are simply natural responses by the brain to being still, the brain wants to move all around. But reminding yourself as to why you need to focus will be of aid to you ♡
Same Q.
Choose a time in the day which it is easy to commit to – I like first thing in the morning as my mind is already quite at peace and it helps me continue that intention into the rest of th day. I also like calm'song challenges so I feel a sense of streak for doing the task everyday