What happens if you fall asleep while meditating?

Rosenei C.
It's something usual, don't you worry about it. In fact, you can use that tool when you can't get sleep at night. But, if you don't want such that thing to happen, just practice meditation at noon.
Barbara C.
I recognize it's a way to run away from the experience. At the same time I recognize that the quality of my sleep is higher than usual.
Mariah E.
It varies for me personally. Sometimes at night while I am laying in bed I will meditate to help calm my mind for sleep. When I do this I sometimes recall my dreams much easier- or not at all. It is hit or miss. If this question is in regards to meditating without the intention of sleeping, like during the day, I say that is fine. Let the meditation take you where ever you need to go. Meditating sitting up in the classic 'guru pose' (just what I call it), on a pillow on the floor, with your legs crossed, might help prevent you from falling asleep. But the more you practice the more aware of the differences you will notice in your 'unconscious' sleep state and your trance state while meditating.
Kartik F.
If, you are falling asleep while ,meditating it is a sign that you are being relaxed while doing it. And there actually is no harm in dozing off whilst doing it.however,the main purpose of being present in the moment goes away if you aren't completing your time.i would suggest you to reduce your meditation time or split them up in whole day,drink a glass of cold water or freshen up before starting to meditate and I would suggest you to sit while meditating.
Giuseppina J.
I try really hard not to fall asleep while meditating, but all that deep breathing makes it so difficult! I like to meditate at night so that when I start feeling really tired I can just crawl into bed and drift into sleep.
Edeltrud C.
Are you trying to judge whether that's okay? I'm not sure how to answer that question, but I'll pose a couple of my own:
What's the purpose of your meditation, and does falling asleep align with that purpose?
If relaxation or better sleep is the purpose, congratulations! It seems to be working.
If you're consistently falling asleep during meditation and that does not align with its purpose, what changes to your routine, within your control, can you make? Perhaps you need to adjust the time you go to bed or when you meditate, so you're not going into it exhausted. Maybe adjusting your posture or where you practice could make a difference. Sitting or lying in bed or a comfy chair feels different than sitting upright on a cushion without back support, for instance.
I wish you peace and strength.