What’s in an afternoon routine?

Edna U.
An afternoon routine is a routine that you do during the day when you have time, such as meditation, showering, or maybe even do your hair.
August W.
I prefer to put whatever I want to make sure I do in the afternoon that ISN'T my "before bed" (evening) routine. So for instance, mine is exercise, and I'll probably add some personal study in soon.
Lukas Q.
Typically an afternoon routine would probably consist of making sure you continue to get hydrated and eat a healthy meal that won’t make you feel tired. If tome allows, taking a walk or simply stretching is a good habit to make. Also, making a list of things to do in the morning and revising in the afternoon could be of good motivation.
Benjamin J.
Anything you want! Mine consists of having tea, meditation, drinking and listening to podcast or audiobook. I also work full time so much more than this can be a bit much on a busy day!
Florence Y.
I like to start my day with fortitude. Power. Mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, yoga.

What’s an afternoon routine? Work. Commitment. Forward. Whatever that means to you.

Gwendolyn X.
I have three things at the moment: a reminder to drink water, time to read my email and some time to spend with my calendar, adjusting and committing to my plans.