What motivates you to meditate?

Ben C.
Actually fabulous habit made me tick that so i forcefully did first and then found myself peaceful happy and cool after that. You may meditate even for a minute until you feel good. Try doing guided meditations on fabulous or simply the water music when you open meditate habit. It is sooo good. I sometimes listen to that while going in a bus closing my eyes. Soo good i say!

Daryl Z.
I like to read studies of the effects of Mindfullness meditation. Knowing that a regular mindfullness practice can improve your immune system, increase prefrontal grey matter, and predict more stable mood makes me meditate even if I dont want to. Just as I take medicine and exercise when I dont want to because I know it's good for me.

Chloe U.
I like to meditate in the school mornings before I go to school it helps me relax and get rid of stress so I’m Relaxed and ready for the day to Start.

Daniela Z.
All the chatter in my monkey mind makes me see my need to meditate. Meditation calms me and helps me to focus so I’m more present in the world to this I love.

Cherly Z.
This is a very interesting question. Only when you asked, I asked myself the same. What is my motivation to meditate? It is the mental peace and calm feeling that I get. Be it a bad day or an excellent day I meditated because it keeps me grounded.

Cl A Y.
I've meditated for over a decade, so I'm biased. But, it calms me beyond what I'm able to achieve on my own. I was a kid with anger issues, now I can walk away from anything. That's what motivates me to continue. And best of all, cost me nothing but time. Which you'll spend with professionals.

Antje Z.
Well first of all my anxiety helps me with meditation what else motivates me to meditate is the heck that I know that is healthy for me and my model health and I need all the help that I can get it what else helps me with meditation is the fact that I know if I do it before I go to sleep I will actually get a good night sleep and fall asleep fast it basically just helps me to focus in all areas of my life

Josef F.
The thing that motivates me most is reconnecting with myself. I spend so much of my day ignoring my own emotions and thoughts by distracting myself with screens and information. The chance to just sit and be myself in the morning and in the evening really clears my head and grounds me.

Judy P.
We are like a glass of dirty water. If we don't just lay down, stop and let our thoughts settle, like the dirty water, we are not going to be able to live fully because we are clouded with all that dirt. That's what motivates me to meditate, to discover myself everyday with silence.

Sander C.
John Lennon had a saying: "life is what happens while you were busy making plans". I don't want to waste my life planning, worrying and thinking so much that I miss the beauty of life itself. Meditation gets me closer to this intention.

Elisabeth O.
To improve my ability to Focus on the task at hand. To keep my mind calm in the stressed situation.

H Lo Se S.
Never done it before. Trying it out and so far so good. Gives you time to get in deep thoughts and reflect on many things. You feel more peaceful and focused.

Victoria G.
To calm my mind, find inner peace, help me to remain calm throughout the day, increase my focus, discipline and self belief

Lea P.
Meditation is hard to do but once I've done it, I feel like all is well in the world, that life is so it should be. It's a great treatment for anxiety . Just like physical exercise though, you kind of have to make it a routine.

Joel E.
I want to be able to build my mind in a definite way instead of every day having a different mindset and take on things based on input from the outside.