Is meditating in a bath bad? Impossible to have a straight back… but it is soothing..?

Pedro R.
I believe it can be soothing but its a waste of water. For me it's better to do it right after yoga, or in the balcony when it's sunny, or in my room with a cozy blanket.
Carl U.
For a beginner might be okay. It matters that you do the meditation, not how you do it. Getting your thoughts together at the end of the day is good, so you can let go of things in your mind and sleep better.
But is some time I would try meditating on a mat.
Wanda E.
I like meditating in the bath because I am usually very calm and relaxed by the time I am in the bath so I find it easier to clear my head and just be in the moment than if I were, for example, sitting on a bus, there my thought might be more occupied by that day’s tasks and errands.
Sandro Q.
I usually fall a sleep sűrűbb meditation and Wake up by the end. I wouldn’t try it in a bath, but not because my back is not straight enough, it’s just because I wouldn’t like to wake up for drawning in water 🙂