How long should I meditate for?

Dianthe Q.
20 minutes twice a day, ideally. But as long as able, 5 minutes is better than none!

Silas C.
To begin with, meditating for 5 minutes is good enough as per my experience. Just look at it like exercising your focus muscle. Set small achievable goals and step by step reach longer durations of presence and third person observation of yourself. The longer the session, the better I feel but it's tough and useless to do if your mind wanders every 10 seconds. Hence the suggestion, "begin with 5 minutes" 🙂 Rise & Shine!

Christian S.
It depends on the person. However, most people start out meditating somewhere betwrrn 10-20 minutes. It saves time and can fit into almost anyone's schedule as well as still alloe someone to meditate. If you have more time on your hands and really want to clear your mind, 30-40 minutes works pretty well.

Inaya Y.
I think it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Sometimes all you need is 5 minutes and other times 45-60 might be better. I usually don't have much more time than 20 minutes so I range from 5-20.

Grit E.
It really depends; if you're new to it, I'd start with short, 5 minute meditations and work your way up to longer ones.

Miriam G.
10 minutes to start unless you feel you need longer. It is can help with so many things.

Anthony T.
5 minutes to start. Gives you just enough time to feel successful but not so long you get restless.

Altino P.
1 minute is enough to start. 5 minutes is a food start of the day. More than that daily is pretty ok.

Daniel N.
Two minutes maximum to start. Slowly build up to more. You can follow guided meditations as life permits. But especially if you are just focusing on your breathe and noticing your thoughts and want to establish it as a habit only 2 minutes a day to begin.

Lucie T.
If you're just starting to meditate, I suggest you start small by simply meditating for only 5 minutes each session. Once you learn how to meditate and see the benefits of meditation, you can then start to progressively increase the duration of your meditation sessions.

Andrea Y.
It depends on how long you need. When you have time, meditate for a little longer. If you just need a quick refresh, try like 5 minutes.

Savannah Y.
I try to do 10 minutes but some meditation is better than no meditation so do whatever you can fit in

Susie J.
I reccomend the app for all meditation and sleep help. There is a lot of variety to choose from and will give you guidance for your specific needs and goals.

Mari Q.
Begin with 5 minutes and add time gradually.

Rodger F.
It is different for everyone, I tend to meditate for 10-15 minutes but I also meditate while I walk throughout the day.

Anton W.
You should do it as long as you think you need, to and have enough time for

Maurice E.
Meditation is like exercise in that you have to build up to longer sessions. Don't rush it. There is a physical component, that will be too distracting [read painful ;)] unless you work up to it gradually

I would follow the meditation sessions in this program. The first session is a five minute intro; the second is 10 minutes. Some schools of mindfulness meditation believe you never have to sit longer than 20 mins a day.

In general, I would say, start with 10 – 12 mins a day, then increase by 2-5 mins a week, no more.

And always treat yourself with loving kindness (metta)


Maelya Z.
I usually only meditate for 10 minutes. Start short and increase duration as your brain gets more comfortable doing nothing 🙂

Marion T.
It depends on a number of factors, including your state of mind and what state you want to achieve, the time available and your ability to concentrate. Always remember that one minute is better than none.

Franklin E.
10 minutes at the beginning is ok. Later it can be more according to the focus duration. It will boost my energy and power of will.

Dustin U.
Meditating for a minimum of 11 mins (each) in the morning and in the evening are a great start. I usually write down focal points before I meditate, so that I may think on these things without distraction or falling asleep. And I use headphones to clear off distractions as well.

Estev O Q.
As long as you feel you need to. I'm trying to meditate for 15 minutes a day, but if I feel like I want to do it for longer or shorter, I do. It's just about trying to feel calm and reflect by yourself. You have the power to choose what you want to do.

Landon N.
I think meditating for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day is a good idea to keep your mind focused

Tobias Z.
I started out with 10 minutes and gradually increased to 20 minutes. I want to eventually reach 45 minutes. Something I find helpful is to not be overly strict with yourself. In other words, there are days where I am only mentally/emotionally able to meditate for 5 or 10 minutes. That is good, because I maintain my practice while also treating myself with self-compassion. It is similar to when you do lighter exercises because your body is telling you to take it easy that day. Never punish yourself for being gentle with yourself, because what matters is persistence in the practice not how hard you can push yourself (that leads to burn out).

Walentina R.
It depends on what you want to achieve with the meditation, and I guess on how much time you have 😅 I go for 10-15 mins at a time.

Aurelino I.
40 to 45 minutes seems like a great goal to build towards. On the other hand, doing 5 minutes is better than none at all – so be sure to do at least five minutes and attempt to add an extra minute each day.

Nathalie Z.
I started meditating at just 5min a night because sitting still and slowing down was hard for me. I now can do it anywhere from 5min-30min. The most important thing to remember is not to be hard on yourself on the times you can't stay focused and slow down. I love the app Calm for meditations.

Leslie E.
I usually go for about 10 minutes, but you can do anywhere from 5-30 or even 60 minutes

Charles O.
It depends on the person, so on how much time and attention span and so on that you have. I meditate for between 2 and 10 minutes at a time personally, but I know some people can meditate for like an hour at a time.
I would say maybe 10 minutes is probably a good amount, but I don’t think there’s any one specific answer.

Eberhardt Z.
I typically meditate for 15-30 minutes. It gives my mind time to become still and remove any noise.

Caroline W.
I think that this is all up to the individual. I would suggest 5 to 20 minutes per day. That can be split up into more than 1 session. I found that 2 x 20-minute sessions per day are what really works best for me but I rarely find the time to do that. I do try to hit 2×10 minute sessions…1 when I first get up in the morning and 1 before bed at night.

Erika U.
I meditate for 5 to 15 minutes. if I'm distracted I tend to meditate less because I'm not able to concentrate.

Tommy E.
Meditation is a highly personal practice, so the duration really depends on the individual person. For me, sometimes I just need a 5 minute reminder to have gratitude in the morning, or I'll need a 15 minute anti-anxiety guided meditation in the middle of the day. Or I'll need 30-60 minutes if I habe a bout of insomnia. If you're not sure where, or even how, to start, I highly recommend The Mindful Movement on YouTube. They have a wide variety of meditation topics and durations and they're all guided, so you just have to listen and breathe. Her voice is nice and calming and there's no pressure to be perfect.

Hassan E.
10 minutes it's a good time to settle in and give yourself time to observe and be present.

Kasimir O.
I find that it really depends on how I am feeling. If I wake up and have the time I will mediate for maybe 15-30 minutes. However, meditation can be as si.ple as just taking 5 minutes every hour to close your eyes breathe deeply and push stress and noise away from you even for just a little while. I find this helps me the most during stressful days at work. Those 5 minutes help me to recenter and refocus when it feels like my day is slipping through my fingers.

Kaya X.
It depends on how much time you have, your past experience, how you're feeling, and the effect you're seeking. It could be anywhere from a minute to an hour. I try to do a 5-10 min session daily and a 25-45 min session once per week.

Christian G.
A few minutes to start with and then slowly build up to longer. The key is doing it every day, no matter how well you feel like you do it or how long you can do it. The more you do it for little bits of time, the easier it becomes.

Andreas C.
Any amount of time is helpful. I do 10 mins in the morning and 10 mins at night. It's short enough that there's really no excuse to ever skip it.

Maur Cia A.
I think it is better to start with 1 or 2 minutes, then work yourself up. I am currently able to focus for about 10 minutes with a guided meditation, but it would be nice to eventually get up to 15 or 20 minutes.

Inge W.
I do several mediations but generally I use s deep meditation for 30 minutes

Vivan F.
There isn't a strict answer to this. Any amount is good, and there's no upper limit. It would depend on how much time you have, I personally aim for at least 10-15 minutes as I found that I can be restless and struggle to concentrate for the first minutes of meditation and would rather keep at it until I settle down.

Marion P.
How long can you sit still? Start by meditating one minute longer than you think you can sit still.

Loretta U.
Start small–a minute or two then build. It can be frustrating at first not being able to let the constant thoughts go for a bit,
So not committing to a long period of time usually will make it easier. As you learn to let those thoughts drift back, then you can increase your time. Meditation is time you are taking for you during your day. You should feel better after, even if you can't pinpoint why. I find 5-10 minutes tends to be best for me. It helps me reset and get energized for the day. Much longer and it feels like work. Maybe in the future, though, fifteen or twenty minutes or even longer may be beneficial for me.

Lino I.
My suggestion would be to start out with a maximum of 5-10 min. Just as long as you are able to sit still, control breathing, clear your mind, etc. then you can slowly start to expand on your sessions and how long you meditate for. But my suggestion would be to start slowly and just work your way up to longer sessions when you are comfortable and in tune with your meditation sessions. I hope this helps.

Catherine U.
12-60 minutes. If I just want to relax a bit, shorter is alright. If I want to contemplate life more, then definitely an hour.

Kelly Y.
In my opinion and from what I've read, there is no one time that fits everyone's needs. Meditation is a practice in mindfulness and is meant to help us find balance and peace in our busy lives. Meditation should be done for a long enough time to awake the mind to what's happening inside and then finding stillness to bring peace and awareness. Another key is to build your practice. It may be difficult to sit for 5 or 10 minutes only being aware of your breath or being still. I've been taught to start small and build endurance for meditation. Like learning a sport or exercise, it requires practice and consistency.

Nal G.
10 minutes. This is sufficient time to conduct introspection, reflect upon insights, and allow the thought processes to align with the mind's intent.

Emily P.
Any amount is better than none!

Storm C.
As long as you need. 20 minutes seems a good place to start: enough time to notice you are doing it, UT not take up the whole day. Later, you may get to a point where a few deep breaths will lower your heart rate or focus you, even if you are in the middle of a firestorm. Or you may meditate for hours and learn to "focus" your dreams.
Let it take its own time in become an "effective" part of your life. If you feel restless, jumpy muscles while doing it for example, stop. And avoid becoming "addicted" to it, to the exclusion of that which must be done, unless you have the time to ferret out the meaning of life in a monestary or complete to Unified Field Theory at a Hadron Collier.

Andreas W.
I try to extend my time. I had been in the habit of a 10 minute routine, but I would like to last longer…Ideally I would like to do 30-minute meditations. symptoms are so distracting it makes getting relaxed very challenging

Julien Y.
Usually, people start slow, with only a few minutes and then increase the time as their experience increases. I'd say it's really a question of how much time you have and feels comfortable to you. It's better to do five minutes every day than half an hour only three times a week. There are lots of introductory guided classes out there, many for free. Pick one and just jump in.

Aiden S.
I'd advise against a prescriptive answer requiring a minimum time; there's an aspect of quality over quantity that needs to be taken into account. A short session of even 10 or 15 minutes of well focused meditation is better than trying to wrestle the monkey mind for half an hour! Repeat this two or three times a day and, in my experience at least, the benefits are palpable. With practice, you'll come to know what works for you but I rarely, very rarely, exceed 30 mins at a time

Kristina F.
I meditate for typically between 10-20 minutes, based on my schedule. Any meditation is better than no meditation.

بهاره سلطانی نژاد N.
Now that I understand the basics of meditation, the minimum (ideally) is 20 minutes. That gives me a few minutes to transition on either end, then sufficient time to meditate. If I am short on time, though, I will do a 5 or 10-minute meditation. I find that meditating anyway ultimately ends up saving me time.

Mae T.
Personally, I keep at it until I feel calm, or until I get bored with it. Which is anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

Alan G.
I started with 2–5 minutes; whatever you feel comfortable with. A book I read instructed, though, that it's good to meditate a shorter time than you could so it leaves you with an experience of success and anticipating the next time. I meditate 1–2 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening. I increase the length of the session 1 minute at a time when I feel that I'm ready. If I can't keep it up, I shorten the time. Try starting with e.g. 2 minutes and test sessions of different duration to find out what suits you best. 🙂

Lyam Y.
You should meditate for 10 whole minutes. And your meditation should consist of breathing in from your nose fairly hard and out from your mouth. The reason you should do this is because we have glands in between our eyebrows where the stress we have all day gets trapped. And to free it we need to breath in through our nose.

Lya E.
I meditate for 10 minutes every morning. It is long enough to allow me to have a good start to my day but short enough that it does not feel like a great strain to my morning routine. I'd like to eventually bring 10 minutes to the evening too to help me unwind, but haven't achieved that yet.

Jorge Y.
I loile to meditate when im feeling anxious. When thjs happens i take ten minutes off to meditate. I feel that im only beginning to really see the benefit of it after maybe 3 weeks on and off.

Amalie P.
It depends on how long do you want to meditate. If you need a longer time of calmness, do it for around 20-30mins. If you want short session for yourself, 3-7mins is good enough. Personally for me, I’m more comfortable for around 5-10mins as my mind tend to drift off if I’m at the same position for too long. Longer meditations are better for our mind, but if you’re afraid you would get distracted , then its fine for a short session. As long as you are okay with it, take as much time as you need.

Samuel T.
I should meditate for a time set aside to completely relax and be clear of intrusive thoughts. My breath should be even and stable enough to focus post meditation.

Rhonda F.
I should meditate for at least 5 minutes. Consistently is key, so at least 5 minutes a day everyday is the best way to do it. Or at least 10 minutes three days a week. Try adding in some longer, 20-30 minute sessions every once in a while, but don't feel to pressured to do those. They feel nice though.

Louis C.
Start with a short amount each day, like a couple minutes, and build up from there. There's no limit really, as long as you have time for it and you're finding it helpful. But even once you're used to focusing for longer periods, don't feel obligated to do it for a long time. If you only feel like doing two minutes or you only have time for two minutes, do those two minutes. It still counts. The important thing is to maintain a steady routine of doing it as many days as you can so you stay in the habit. That said, I'd say twenty minutes is a pretty good goal for getting some solid self-reflection going.

L O S.
As long as is practical for you. If you set your target too high, it will start to feel like a chore. Start small and work your way up.

Nanna N.
Depending on how much time you want to set. Short is ok for starter; once you realize its benefit, you can set it longer.

Frederik X.
Start with a single minute and work up to what is comfortable for you. Taking short breaks throughout the day is a great way to clear your brain of clutter and relieves stress.

Doris P.
That depends on how long is comfortable for you, starting with a minute is already great and try to build up from there.

Patsy Y.
I think you should start small, a few minutes here and there until you build the muscle to meditate for longer.

Earl U.
As long as it takes to feel refreshed. I would start with 5 minutes. Something I have always felt rewarding is to meditate immediately after a cardiovascular workout (running). Turn the lights off and lay in silence. Time won't seem to matter if you do it that way.

Brianna Z.
As long as you need. Your meditation should be longer when you have worked longer.

Vedat I.
When I meditate I usually like to do a short meditation like 10 minutes. Once I start to meditate I enjoy it. My mind starts to become focused and silent so I just continue to meditate until I'm ready to open my eyes.

Sophie B.
I believe that a total of thirty minutes is good. But, for a busy day, I would say ten or fifteen minutes.

Hadrien E.
Whatever you can afford, anything from 2min to 1hr is good. For me, meditationis like bringing clarity, awareness and calmness to my head and that meditation time varies depending on the work I am doing.

Claude G.
As long as you can spare. 10 minutes is good, 15 is better but I've fit in 5 minute sessions along with 2 minutes and even 30 seconds for when you really need a quick check.

Rasmus P.
I think with the fast pace of life we have being able to devote even 15 minutes to sitting still and meditating is already good. But as everything it’s very individual, some can sit for 5 minutes without getting annoyed and it’s also okay, as long as you try and maybe increase the time when it’s comfortable.

Dana W.
Start small. I started with 5 minutes, and it was very difficult to quiet my mind for such a short time! Now I can meditate for an hour if I am in the mood but I try for 2, 15 minute meditations twice a day, 20 is my ideal. It's enough time to drop into the gap without getting lost in space.

Phoebe A.
My morning routine consists on first calming my mind to get fully ready for effective mediation. So I start with doing several deep breaths, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth while thinking and focusing only on breathing. Once I feel completely calm, I use my stones to help me open my chakras, especially my third eye with the amethyst. Then I can start to visualize myself totally accomplished in my life, usually I focus on one area of my life and I spend 10 to 20min visualizing clearly with Emotions as if I already am that best version of myself! I hope it helped ! Continue to be fabulous my friend !

F Lvia Z.
Start with a breath! And increase it as you know you are truly focused for that breath, and increase it. Make the goal to go for a minute. Try the app Omm.

Emily Z.
If you're completely new to meditation, start with 5 mins. Increase it to 10 mins. In next 5 days. From there it's up to individuals choice.

Signe U.
I would meditate for 5-10 minutes. Not like 30 because it is imply too hard and time consuming… It also looks like a huge mountain of a challenge, a 5 minute moment is like a step. A small step for the moment but a big step for the future. Start small, fabulous to me to

Germano S.
There is no magic number when it comes to meditation, some people do it for an hour a day, others for a few minutes to start their day or relax at the end of one. Personally for me I prefer meditation for a few minutes, I usually do a guided meditation session of 5-15 minutes as a way to start my day of on a positive note and a 5 minute meditation before going to bed as a way to relax after a long day. Try out a few different lengths of meditation, 5, 15,30,60 minutes maybe and see what's better for you. 5 minutes everyday is better then 60 once a month. Good luck!

Sofia Y.
It depends on how experienced you are. If you’re a newbie, I’d suggest starting at 5 minutes then build it up gradually from there. If you’re experienced then I’d suggest 20 mins is a good amount of time. Of course, you can increase or decrease the amount of time depending on how much time you have and how comfortable you are. Hope this helps! 🙂

Rachel U.
Beginners should start with a five-minute guided meditation and work their way up to one hour un-guided meditation.

Tessa W.
It depends. When you first start out, you'll find that meditating for any period of time is difficult, so it will be best to start out doing it for 5 minutes a day, every day, at an exact time. You want it to be at the same time every day to enforce that habit. Then, start trying to do it for longer and longer as you get better at it. I found it much easier to do after I got the guided meditation app, Headspace, which allows you to choose themes and durations for your meditations.

Adam Q.
For as long as you can, so long as you stay consistent about it. Meditation is rather difficult if done correctly. consistency should be priority, so if you can only do five minutes a day consistently, 2five minutes. But when I first started, I noticed an incredible increase in focus and drive. are use that excitement to practice a few hours a day. you got me over a hump, now I do tend to 20 minutes a day with full focus

Kristin O.
I believe that given the limited time during the day ten minutes on a daily basis are necessary just to relieve the pressure. Of course meditation is a workout for the mind, and a little bit for the body too, so you could decide to spend more time on meditating during the day. But never less than 10 minuted.

Nalmir N.
However long I have or however long I need or want to. Ten minutes is usually good but much shorter or much longer might also work depending on the situation.

August U.
I like 3 minutes sessions using the Aura app as and when I need them… Short and sweet!

Alo S Z.
As much as it feels good. Good practice is to start small with like 5 minutes and then increase the time with 5 minutes every few days until you get to the point where it is just right.

Celina O.
I use Headspace for meditation. There you can choose between 3,5,10 or more minutes. I usually try to do 10 minutes because then I feel the most calm afterwards. But if I don't feel like doing it I go for 3 minutes just so I don't break the Habit.

Selma N.
in the morning I like to do it for 5 minutes. During the day 10 minutes. And right before I go to bed I like it when it’s 5 minutes long.

Britt T.
Very morning a measure of time that feels comfortable and through the day time to pause and breathe. During walks return to the present totally aware and focused.

Henry Y.
Start with however long you feel comfortable, be consistent and use guided meditation both from the app and in classes, don’t try to have perfect conditions for meditation when I was starting out I was told from a Buddhist teacher accept the distractions and thoughts observe the thought or attend to the distraction but then empower yourself by getting back to the meditation and separating yourself from these thoughts, when you do that u can increase the time of your sessions but I think consistency is more important than time

Tommy E.
I struggle with that question too. Now I just base it on what my available time is then and there even if it’s just 60 secs. I think it’s important to just keep the habit going. Hope this helps!

Charlie C.
Meditation should last as long as is needed to make a difference to your inner health, whether it is to calm anxiety, refocus on purpose, seek restful moments amid daily chaos, etc. However brief, any given meditation will likely make a small incremental difference, with repetition and routine supporting a bigger & broader accumulating effect.

Geruza P.
I always say at least 10 minutes. But even taking 2 minutes to center yourself is beneficial.

Carole G.
Start with 5 minutes per day and then 8 and then increase slowly until ur doing 20 minutes a day.

Hector X.
Even five or ten minutes are enough in the beginning just to make yourself familiar with the procedure and feelings. Then it is recommended to make your sessions longer but the most important is your intention to do it and also to remind yourself to be mindful also during the day, not just during the exercise.

Daisy C.
I believe that meditation, like almost all other activities, requires consistent practice and an understanding of why you're meditating and what you realistically hope to gain from meditation. If those aforementioned pieces are in place I think that the time one spends formally meditating matters less. Whether you meditate for 5min, 10min, 30min, or 1hr, your consistency and your understanding of your own meditation practice are the most important factors.

Simon F.
There is no specific time that you need to meditate but probably best over 2 minutes. If you need a quick refresh or to mentally cool off from stress you can use deep breathing for a quick 30 seconds and reap the rewards with box breathing. Use an app like Headspace to get daily free meditations or of course the fabulous app for meditation that is 5-10 minutes 🙂

Jasmin X.
5 or 10 minutes a day should be a reasonable start. However , it is not about how long, it is about doing it everyday even for a few minutes. Like any sort of training, you don’t notice any progress at the beginning, but with time you start to achieve leaps. Everyday whether happy or sad or anxious, whether busy or on holiday. Good luck.

Nevaeh Y.
I actually do not meditate at the moment but If I were to start I would meditate for as long as it took to quiet my mind and become completely relaxed just before you start to fall asleep. Once my mind was quiet I would then begin to bring up one thougut at a time and think the thought fully through once it was resolved I would move on to the next thought/issue/worry I woukd repeat this for about 3 of those and then put into action the thought out plans. But I supposed this is for a specific type of meditation. I guess it depends on what you want to gain out of your meditation on how long you want to sustain it for.

Charline Z.
I started with guided meditations. It's a great way to start. Start small and gradually increase.

Phoebe U.
I’ve never been great at meditation, but I find that setting a time limit cripples some of the benefits. If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to clear your mind and just be, even more so when you have one eye on the clock. I would advise just taking the time to take ten breaths, focusing on each breath. This should only take upwards of a minute. After that, you can add more things and deeper meditation, small additions at a time, so you’re not worried about the clock.

Andr A Z.
While any amount of meditation is good (even a minute!), a longer amount begins to move into feeling your energy, then knowing your energy, then peace. It's not about an amount of time – it's about feeling ready to go back into the world. But for me, this can take about 30-45 minutes.

Sam C.
At least five minutes to give yourself enough time to let go of the day and just be.