What exactly do i need to feel or think about when im meditating?

Matthias F.
I need to feel the way I feel. There is no special way to be except happy that I have this tool and no that I will come out better than when I went in. I need to let go and let the moment be mine. Remember that I can take 5 min to take care of me and don’t let anything or anyone rush that.
Kirk P.
I try to think about the good things in my life, as well as how to be better and ways to be more grateful and minimize anxiety symptoms
Carl O.
Try to focus on the breath, you may count 1 on the inhale and 2 on exhale to keep your thoughts at bay. When new thoughts arises, calmly accept the thoughts but return to focusing on the breath.
Tanya O.
Meditation becomes successful not when you think about something specific, but when you allow your mind to go where it is going. This will allow your subconscious brain and deep thoughts to come to the surface m, giving you a chance to process them and let them go.
Ma L Z.
The best answer I think is: nothing. But that's very hard. So for me it works out the best when I try to relax every muscle till I feel like pudding, jelly, naked snail… Then I ask myself two things:
-How is my body feeling, is it trying to tell me something (positive AND negative)? Just let it happen without judgement.
-Where is my mind going, and why? Just let it happen without judgement.
Samuel Q.
It’s not about trying to think about something specific, the mind tends to wander. It’s more about recentering and going back to the breath.
Jared T.
There's no set thing but try to empty your mind and focus on your physical sensations and breathing. If thoughts run through your mind acknowledge them but let them go like leafs on a stream
Charlotte C.
Think about your breath.

It’s not very interesting but you always have it with you when you are ready to meditate.

Of course you will think about other things.

When you find yourself thinking of other things, just remember you were thinking about your breath, let go of what else you were thinking about, and go back to thinking about your breath.

Sherry J.
I do a body scan – starting with the top of my head down to my feet. I think about my individual body parts and how they feel. Then I do a breathing technique (counting 1 to 10 then starting over). The point is just to exist in the moment and just breathe and feel whatever comes to pass. Not focusing on any one thing. But if your mind wanders, no biggie, go back to counting your breaths.
Kristina N.
you should observe the mind, watching thoughts as clouds passing and going, trying to focua your attention on the breath
Malone E.
I think it is just about being aware that those thoughts and feeling are present and don't try to dissipate them. Know maybe where they came from so the awareness increases.
Lylou O.
You don’t need to think about anything, you should focus on your breathing and if you get distracted by thoughts then note that you are thinking and return your focus to the breath. See your thoughts, feelings and plans as transitory like trains passing through a station, they arrive then leave again, during meditation we are focusing on the station (our breathing) rather the trains (of thought) we normally follow.
Laura T.
Don’t, just pay attention to your breathing, the sensations of your body. And whenever you realize that your mind is away, thinking on something else, just gentle bring it back to the sensations of your body and breath. The mind will drive away, and the exercize is exactly to bring it back to the present, to your body and concience. It will help you focus and stop doig things without even paying attention during the day!
Amalie Y.
I don’t necessarily think that you have to feel or think a certain thing when meditating, unless you are doing a guided meditation….then I try to focus and follow directions.
Marie Z.
You need to think about what the particular instruction for the meditation is and have a relaxed focus on that. Generally we do not really stop our thoughts. But we can practice letting them go.
Loretta U.
You don’t have to feel or think of anything. Your thoughts will drift but bring it back to the meditation. If need be, develop a manyra, something that will empower you or strengthen you and concentrate on whispering that to yourself. Meditation is a chance to give your waking mind a break.
Elijah C.
Think about your breath your mind will wonder but always come back to your breath when meditating once your in a meditation routine your mind won’t wonder like it will in the beginning
Alexander W.
The idea is not to try and make yourself feel or think in a particular way. Rather, the idea is to pay attention to how you are in fact feeling or thinking.
Hans Joachim A.
For the purposes of Fabulous' Make Me Fabulous meditations some of them prompt you to reflect on something depending on what the meditation is trying to achieve. It will tell you when you listen to one. For general meditating however you should try to empty your mind of all thoughts and focus on you taking breath and nothing else. This takes practice and I suggest doing research on how to meditate. It can be hard to focus at first but if you stick with it, it gets easier and feels more rewarding. The important part is that you took the time and even sat down to try and slow your mind down. And always remember to be kind to yourself, you might find yourself frustrated at how little you can concentrate on nothing but the breath, but just showing up and being there for yourself is the first step.