Do you meditate in the morning, or in the evening?

Priscilla P.
i started out just meditating in the mornings, but i’ve come to incorporate it into my evening routine as well. & plan to add it to my midday one. it’s always so nice to come back to a calm, clear, peaceful state. a nice getaway from the business in your head (and/ or around you). it’s a strong reminder to be mindful & to continuously let go of your stressors :))

p.s. you’re doing wonderful things if you’re even on this app. so congratulations to you & keep going:)) you’re amazing, friend!

Gerwin E.
Evening – it is more helpful for me to reflect on the day that has been and release tension so that I can wind down and sleep well.
Renae E.
I think I can do both. To meditate in the morning is enlightening but could don’t provide stimulus for energy. To meditate in the evenings will sure to put me to sleep. I like sleep therefore once in bed I like to whine down by coloring or doing puzzles on my tablet. Some nights I will spend about an hour doing so.
Myriam V.
It depends on when I have time. If my morning isn't rushed I meditate in the morning, but if I'm pressed for time I meditate at night right before I shower or go to bed. I've found that when I meditate in the mornings I feel more at peace, focused, and energized. But when I meditate at night I feel more relaxed (both physically and mentally) which makes it easier to fall asleep.
Hex T.
I meditate in the morning to make my morning peaceful. I meditate in the afternoon, as needed, especially if my anxiety is high.
Adam U.
I meditate in the morning because it helps set up my mood for the day, give me a peaceful, positive and centered start but if some days I just can’t find the motivation to meditate in the mornings I would build up the mental strength throughout the day and finally decide to meditate in the afternoon or night
Aeryn C.
I prefer before I sleep to feel calm but bright and early in the morning is also good because I feel awake and energized.
Елена Соловьёва N.
I meditate in the morning more often. It helps me to concentrate after morning routine and to focus on important tasks during the working day. And now I can see the results – thanks to meditation practices I can control my thoughts and feelings more effectively in most nervous situations at work.
Eli W.
I do both as to start the day with a positive and prepated mind and at night to clear my mind of the things that has happened.
Yvonne Z.
I meditate in the motning after my exercises then I meditate and when I go to bed as well, helps me relax and sleep a bit better
Ashley T.
Evening. I feel like that’s when I have to most time and my mind isn’t thinking of all the things that I need to do. I can meditate, journal, and then truly relax.