I try to follow everything the instructor say however I don’t feel much relaxed after meditation. I wonder if I am simply doing it wrong. Is it possible that some brains are not suitable for this? Or is it something that can be developed with practice?

Eloides P.
Find out why you are stressed and meditate with that purpous in mind. Not all meditation works for everyone, but there is a meditation souted for all ✨
Lucia N.
It can definitely be learned and developed. The mind is capable of incredible adaptation even just through the power of thought.
Amy C.
I actually feel you. However, I understand that my problem is more on the inconsistency side because I constantly fall prey to laziness.

All I can say is this, we just gotta keep patient doing it. Regards to you!

Ekaterina U.
I find my brain still wonder sometimes when I try to meditate. I think it takes time to develop a meditation type go to Google what really helps relax you add maybe some candles or some kind of essential oil diffuser lavender and chamomile are excellent herbs to use for relaxing. Try different positions in your meditation sometimes saying straight up isn't how relaxed. Sometimes I lie down if I find it helps relax me better. Hope that helped.
Norman S.
Some days is easier than others. Maybe with more practice you will recognize which days you are more focused. Let your brain thought what he wants, it's a long path to follow. I'm sure you will feel relax if you continue with meditation
R Di S.
I understand how you're feeling. It took me a number of tries before meditation felt like it was relaxing me. The trick is to not go into it thinking you'll feel relaxed after. Go into it with no expectations. Treat it like a break for your brain, where you'll see how things go. I also use Headspace and find their guided meditations helpful.
Trude X.
Firstly i want to point out that it wasn't easy for me to relax and meditate long ago, because i have hyper acting mind. But because i was determined to the feeling of relaxation, i started gradually learning and now when i decide to meditate i fall immediately in the relaxed mode and i do benefit from it alot.
Jesus E.
Absolutely normal to have relaxation feel unnatural! Especially when we don’t get an opportunity to practice it often. If you’ve spent years or even decades not aware of what relaxation feels like, this can feel challenging. Consider finding a meditation center near you for more guidance and ability to ask questions, or find a podcast/guided meditation that emphasizes accepting the current moment as it is, even if it isn’t relaxing (just yet!). Tara Brach’s has been personally useful, but there are many teachers who offer free guided meditations.
Mathilde C.
maybe. if you do it everyday it may not work as pleasing try every other day or every two days try a schedule that works for you!
Nathan Y.
There are so many different types of mindfulness practices out there that I think you just need to find the one that suits you best. Do research on the different types of mindfulness practices and try as many as you can. I'm positive you’ll find one that works for you and you enjoy!
Wolf Dieter F.
There are different ways how you can meditate, try different method. Every brain is capable of meditation. It is a matter of practise.
Augusta N.
I always had trouble with meditation. I would get too stuck in my headspace. Before even turning on the meditation, try doing something you love. For example when I sing time doesn't seem to matter anymore and I get in the Flow State. Then I will lay down comfortably and put an eye mask on and practice the rhythm of my breathing and turn on the meditation
Andressa P.
There are different kinds of meditation. Some are easier to practice then others. Maybe you just have to find a meditation that suits you. I do the a meditation from a Chinese medicine method called Pranic Healing which’s name is Twin Hearts Meditation. I find it easy and simple enough to do. It last for 20 minutes and always relaxes me.
Kristen P.
I find that sometimes it may take longer to reach the benefits of meditation depending on the stress level you are experiencing. Make sure all tension is released, this includes jaw locks, neck strains, raised eyebrows, elbow lock, abdominal lock, etc. I always make sure to start with my toes and relax my entire body moving up to my head to ensure every inch of me is ready. Once this is achieved, take deep breaths in for 7 second, hold for 4, and then exhale for 8.☺️