Is there a time of day you find meditation more useful?

Anton F.
I found maditation more useful at night, when I can relax before sleeping, make a overview of the day and think of my desires for next day.
Samantha X.
I find meditation useful at night right before bed, it allows me to both dig deep in my thoughts and let go of my thoughts before I go to sleep. Allowing me to let out most of my worries of the day and thoughts that have been on my mind, so I don’t have them floating lingering in my mind allowing me to have a better sleep and fall asleep faster!
Bessie F.
Till now, I cannot find a time when meditation are obviously useful to me. But I can feel my life has changed a little thanks to every meditation I do.
Kenzo O.
I find meditation very helpful at night before I sleep. It's an unwinding where I don't have any pressures to get other things done so I'm most likely to concentration on the meditation. It prepares me for a good night's sleep. I find I dont think to or usually have time to meditate in the morningbor afternoon so instead I do a breathing exercise in the morning or when I get stressed during the day.
Britt E.
Absolutely! I did not easily become a morning person, but dedicating myself to a morning practice of yoga followed by meditation has changed my life. Yoga was used historically to prepare the body to meditate, this is how I use yoga; focusing on bringing the breath and body together. I then meditate, even if only for 5 minutes. I’ve tried many meditation apps by my very favorite is Stop Breathe and Think. By meditating at the beginning of the day, I set myself up to me more present, kind, and focused throughout the whole day. Evening meditation is nice too, but it’s easy to let an evening routine slide when you’re tired, etc… it also seems more reactive than proactive to me. Try setting a consistent bedtime and wake time, have your glass of water, good breakfast, and then yoga+meditation to start your day.
Tristan N.
I prefer to meditate in the morning just before I leave my bed to start the day.

At that time, my mind is free from stress, so it's easier to get into a meditative mindset.

Theresa X.
I find meditation very useful at night, when my internal child gets whiny, scared, and panicky. Breathing is deliciously simple and sweet, and I can stop the downslide into madness with just a few minutes’ peace.
Soan T.
Before sleeping time like around 9 or 10 pm is more useful as the body is ready to rest and you can help set your mind at peace.
C Cera F.
This was a nice question. In last 1 week or so, meditation has became like a habit. I start deep breathing and experience mindfullness sitting in bus, trains, garden and even in my office meetings. It has not only changed my way of life (calm and composed) but also the approach to life.
Emily E.
I prefer mornings as there are less distractions. Sometimes I do it while commuting as there is not much option to do while sitting there 🙂
Alberte F.
Definitely right after I wake up in the morning-when I’m still in bed. It tends to set up my day in a positive fashion.
Est Ban S.
Yes. I find the morning particularly useful. It provides a calming ritual and start before the challenges have begun.

At the same time,
Meditation is rarely ever not useful to me. :):):)

Annie F.
Morning. Definitely. It serves as a reminder of what it’s like to be mindful and it helps me start the day well. Throughout the day as well, especially when I feel anxious or disconnected. It can be useful at night as well, for winding down or to help you prepare for the day. I’m usually too sleepy once I get home and find that meditating at night just delays my sleep and I find that I can’t stay focused or at times, awake while meditating and there isn’t really much benefit to that.
Aim Q.
After-lunch meditation is useful in order to rest your mind and get it ready for the afternoon rush. Evening meditation is great to increase the results of a good sleep, making you get up the day after at your best!
Lo S E.
I like it in the morning to balance myself for the day and at night just before sleep to calm my mind and ensure inclose the day with positivity
Alvin R.
For me meditation is most useful in the morning and just before I go to sleep. I like to meditate in the morning because the I start the day more relaxed and in a better headspace. While before going to bed makes me let go of all the bad things that weight me down and gives me a quality sleep.
Julie Z.
At night, you have all the thoughts of the day to process. You cancome to terms with anything bad or relive anything good that happened by meditating at night. It'll also help to relax you before you sleep and lead to better dreams and easier, deeper sleep.
Geraldo Q.
There are two answers:

1) first thing in the morning. It’s like brushing your teeth for your brain, do it before you leave the house.

2) when you need it. Suddenly stressed, I take a two minute break in the hallway with a meditation break. Fabulous has some good ones! Just catching your breath can help.

Simon C.
Morning to settle myself when I wake up. Afternoon to recenter in the middle of the day. Before I fall asleep to clear my mind of the day. I recommend all three. Even 3 minutes apiece to add up to just under 10 minutes a day is good.
Emile Q.
I love it after breakfast, so that it inspires and prepares me for the day; and before bed to relax me, so that it's easier to fall asleep
Pepe E.
Morning is great to start your day on a mindful and peaceful note. Before bed helps to release any tension from the day and sleep better
Harriet X.
Hi there. I’ve been doing at night time. Never meditate before so this is all new to me. But so far so good. At least helps me to sleep
Marcus C.
I think both morning and nightly meditation are important, but squeezing an afternoon session is always a great way to reconnect with my intentions.