Morning meditation is great, but how to save self-awareness during the crazy hardworking day?

Donna P.
For me, when I feel a negative emotion, say anger, I have learnt to stop. And feel it. And afterwards release it. It is very very difficult. But I am grateful I try
Nikolaj C.
Take regular breaks. They don't have to be 10 minutes a time, altough that wouldn't hurt – just 1-2 minutes a time is enough. While having those breaks, breathe and tune in how you feel. Ask yourself what you need at that moment – are your physical needs fulfilled, what about emotional ones? Then fulfill them to the best of your capabilities. Of course there are situations where fulfilling them isn't possible but that's where accepting comes in. If you are unable to do anything about your needs at that moment, you need to accept that and heti back to it when it is possible to do something about them.
Stjepan W.
Relax everything in your body and clear your mind i love to use meditate sounds as well and just relax take a bath drink some teaor just breath in and out and focus on one tast
Mahdieh V.
They will be effective in reducing anxiety. Just like exercising, the more you meditate in the morning and make time for it, the more you will realize the benefits over time. Benefits that affect both the better functioning of the mind and the body.
Ann U.
It’s helpful to leave visual reminders of mindfulness in areas that you stay throughout the day. Use trigger objects or words. Maybe even set mindfulness reminders on your phone.
Allison J.
You save that by making sure to take breathers for the day and not stress and meditation helps in the morning because it’s starts your day off empty and not clouding you with thoughts that only keep you away from the present and make sure to have a good support system to help which especially helps with the stress of life and to just take brakes .
Xerxes Q.
Well there’s lots of ways honestly. The way I use is listening to the body. Honestly your body tells you what you need and it looks after you.
Ysabelle E.
Rest, you don't have to try hard and finish everything in a day. Rest but don't quit. Give ourselves a time where only good vibes are welcome
Albane O.
I have done my self-awareness morning meditation and I think it was such a good way I can say an excellent way to start my morning, my day. Perhaps I'm feeling just a little better but my body inside is a little bit more.
Itmam F.
Do it early in the morning, where everyone is still sleeping. Meditate. During certain times in the day you can meditate to calm yourself. Your mental health matters as much as everything else. In the end. When you get home. Meditate, then do something that can make you happy, like playing a peaceful game. Or watching your favourite show. This will make up all the stress you had all day. Try it, you might just finally get some rest.
Nuryani Z.
Actually i don't know yet. I just try to have some routine to keep me alive in morning. I mean stay awake in good mood. Because when i don't move my body or doing something in morning, i feel weak then physically and mentally. It's like feel worthless. But i am still thinking how to design my morning or other time in my day that have self awareness while doing them and enjoy the process.
Gail O.
If we are too much stressed we need to relax right ?so, for that we need to meditate which can make our mind stressless and work on our way correctly.
Cathy E.
The truth is – it take a whole lot of patience, especially with your own self. If you are new to meditations, it’s going to get some time to be self-aware. However meditation really is a key to being self-aware. Suddenly, you’ll notice yourself just having a moment of reflection in moment when you feel frustrated, for example “I shouldn’t answer this email right now, I’m under emotions” or “I have a struggle concentrating, maybe I should get a break and come back to it when I feel better”. Also a lot during conflict you’ll have a little voice on the background like “I’m taking this way too personal – the person opposite me is trying to communicate their feelings and they are very emotional too, the least I can do is listen to them”
Urszula U.
Morning meditation in a quiet calm environment is like a tutorial, and a hectic chaotic or emotional situation is like the final boss! You have to practice and work up to be able to stay present at those times. A long enough morning meditation habit will work, but you can hasten the progress if you practice the skills your learned in meditation in other, less stressful day to day activities, like cooking, taking a walk, or doing dishes.
L Z.
Audiobooks, replay them. Self development practices always be conscious of what we listen to & seek out resources to grow when you find a moment of down time during your day. Tools like this fabulous app and YouTube are my fav 😊🤞🏾💪🏾