Do you like to meditate to ambient music, or in silence?

William C.
Ambiant peaceful music after finding a quote/scripture that I want to understand better. I write it down and fill a page to help me rember. Then I meditate on it. Ambiant noise can help with distractions.
Elis Z.
To music, or a guiding voice. I live in a very noisy city so it's music helps drown out the unpleasant stressing sounds of the outside world.
Bruce J.
I used to like ambient music or silence. But now I try to be practice meditation with daily sounds around me so that I can meditated anywhere and not have sounds get in my way.
Felicia X.
Personally, i like to have ambient music. I have 4 teenagers and find it helps me block out the noises they are making in the rest of the house when i have soothing noises to focus on if i need it.
Adam W.
I usually use the calm app which offers a nice balance of guided meditation and silence for a deep concentration. There are also soothing audio tracks that can be played under the voice and silence.
Wayne W.
At the moment I prefer guided meditations with Calm app, sometimes I use Tibetan, Indian or Chinese music for meditations
Rasmus W.
I prefer meditating with some calm music because there usually isn't complete silence when I decide to meditate. Otherwise I'd prefer to meditate in complete silence or in nature
L Rke Z.
I meditate with an app. It’s very down to earth, and helps me with awareness in various areas. It also stresses the lighthearted, curious aspect of meditation, and makes it accessible.
Frida N.
I like guided meditations it helps me to keep focus for a longer time and generally includes some oriented excercises or visualizations toward a certain benefit or mindfulness skill.
Caleb A.
Both! I often meditate in silence which has it's own quality but one of the apps I use (Calm) has a variety of background musics – I personally like water sounds.
Emil X.
I like to meditate in silence and no intentional music. If a random sound or mouse happens to occur we can actually incorporate that into meditation as the practice will help you in the process. So meditation is all about just being here and now. Try without music. However, there are types of Yoga and other practices in which music helps. But for basic meditation no music is good.
Josefine P.
I think ambient music helps me concentrate throughout my meditation session. What I found most helpful were the prerecorded meditation lessons in the fabulous app. They help and teach a lot!
Ada G.
I feel like silent meditations are “better for me” whereas the sounds are a bit of a cheat. Just that little bit of distraction sometimes pulls my mind away from the focus.