I terribly struggle with exercise, please advise me with something that actually works. I am extremely inconsistent in any of my routine.

Susan C.
The 7-minute workout has been my go-to. I don’t have to think about what exercises to do and I make it the first thing I do after I get out of bed and drink water. It’s helpful because it doesn’t require me to get ready (workout in whatever I wore to bed), put on shoes or get out of my apartment.
Angelica Z.
I would suggest you to get an app that reminds ypu of your workout routine, it should have like a mini calendar so you may get more excited to build a streak than just doing random excercises. I would recomend you a website, is called GymVirtual, it is in spanish tho, but they have a calendar that you can download and check every routine you do
Kristal C.
You could try attaching a small reward for exercising. Maybe say, "If I exercise today I can watch my favorite TV show." You can do different rewards to keep it interesting.
Jan R.
Walking 😀😀😀 walking is the best exercise. Walk a bit fast though. Do it 5 days a week. You have to start small. Start with 5 minutes walk for the first week. But dont miss any days! Then go up to 10, 15 and maybe even 20 minutes a day after a few months. If you go big, your brain will trick you to stop doing it. But if you start small, your brain won't oppose much and you will create a habit. And that is the most important bit for success ♡ you are strong!
Jeppe X.
Just have a plan and stick to it. I used to struggle a lot too in planning which exercises to do everyday, how to divide, etc.

I joined a one month Yoga program and they just asked me to do the basic Yoga series everyday. Now I don’t think twice about it. I have scheduled it in my day & there is nothing else I do at that time. Just do it everyday!

Donato N.
Start slowly, with only a copule of minutes a Day. You Will start to feel Good every time you exercise, and this will push you to go further. You need only to make an effort to start. Keep going is easier
Claudia T.
Well I think the key is finding something you really enjoy. Although I struggle with staying on a routine, when I succeed it’s because I’m doing a dance class or some sort of group class activity. I love dancing, and doing anything in a group pushes me to go farther. Also, it helps to have a buddy. My friend and I make plans to do a class and it helps both of us commit. Also, set yourself up for success. Start slow. Today for example I spent about 10 mins doing a dance routine from a video online. I’m gonna see if I can keep that up for a week, then I’ll add 2-3 mins. I hope this helps