Do you prefer meditating in silence or using an application that provides meditation sounds (music, bells, nature sounds). Can you tell why?

Chloe E.
It depends on the headspace I’m in. Sometimes I’ll need either a guided meditation or bells/sounds to help my mind come to focus and settle in the beginning. But then once it’s over I’ve found that I remain sitting in the silence and continuing the meditation without assistance if I’ve been able to reach a calm enough stillness. I just keep going until it feels right to break the silence. Go with your gut on how you feel you adapt to your meditation needs. There’s no real right or wrong way, as long as you can reach a stillness to a measure that works for you, you’re doing just fine. 😉 Meditation takes time to figure out how you evolve in the process, it’s different for everyone! Also, the position and location takes some time to figure out how to navigate what works best for you. Keep it up, you won’t be disappointed! 🧘🏻