How do you fight sleepiness during meditation?

Nino Y.
I focus on my breathing. Counting each inhale and exhale until I reach ten. Then, I start back at 1. If thoughts distract me from counting the breath I then do a technique called noting. I label the thought as either feeling or thinking and then I let it go. It's a gentle labeling not harsh. Imagine lightly touching a crystal glass with a feather. I then refocus to counting the breath. Thoughts and distractions will continue to arise. Use the same technique. If I feel sleepy during a meditation I let my body rest and I fall asleep. I pick up the meditation again when I wake up. I have many meditations that help me fall asleep as well. I think that counting my breath while meditating keeps me from falling asleep. I also take time to focus on certain things such as a sound in the room, how my body feels, a smell, or a reflective word. I've been meditating for many years I think it takes time and practice and also dedication setting the time aside each day whether it's 3 minutes or 20 minutes.
Lisette S.
I only do a 10 minutes guided meditation by Abraham Hicks. I pay attention to her words and feel them. I never feel sleepy.
Mathias E.
I’m not 100% sure, I think I try not to meditate if I am too tired, try and get it in before your get that tired, if I do meditate and feel tired I try harder to focus and find it makes em sleep better when I have finished and go to bed. I meditate sitting upright so it’s not too easy to fall asleep.
Alicia C.
My meditation routine exists of to parts; one is walking very very slowloly (5m in 8min) and focus on what you're actually doing. (mention every step you take and tell yourself what you are doing) e.g. When you lift your foot, move your leg, place your foot, stand, inhale, exhale and repeat.
After my 'walking' part I sit on a couchen on the floor and focus on my breath and use words when inhaling and exhaling , I use rising/falling).
These 2 exercises form my meditation routine ( I learned them on a retreat in monastery in Thailand) Make both parts equal in length I use 8min for 'walking' and 8min for sitting.
Simon Y.
I usually don’t fight it. I just repeat the mantra and try to focus on that. Sometimes, if I do a nighttime guided meditation, I just fall asleep.
Roberta N.
I fight sleepiness during meditation by focusing in the feeling of gravity pressing down on my body and the feeling of contact between me and where I am sitting. I also focus of the movement of my body when I breathe. Headspace is a great app that walks you through meditation if you find it difficult.
Oscar X.
I let it happen…

If you fall asleep, you fall asleep.

If you check into Headspace, within the first few sessions, this subject is covered.

If you fall asleep, it’s totally okay…your subconscious will be meditating still!

Laly Q.
Well, I don't. I usually meditate before bed and let myself drift away. Maybe it's not traditional, but it is soothing to me and helps me fall asleep peacefully.
Michael A.
I find that in doing mindless things I tend to nod off. During these meditations, I am noticing that it is not so much of doing something mindlessly but more consciously focusing on different things: your breath, your thoughts, your body's feelings. That combined with the newness that meditation has for me seems to be helping me not fall asleep during these first few practice sessions – even though they are early in the morning and late evenings.
Theresa F.
Honestly, sometimes I don't. If my body needs a powernap, thats alright. Better sleeping habits in general, and meditating when you have energy will help. Sitting upright and on the ground will help.
Byron X.
It is quite common to feel sleepy or fall asleep. One of the best ways to avoid this is by observing breath, as long as you are conscious of the breath
Boris A.
Choosing a good time to meditate makes it easier for me not to sleep. And it’s not the first thing that I do. After completing exercise, cleanliness, making a to do list my mind is awake while meditating
Dolores E.
The simplest way to fight it is to be in a position in which you can’t fall asleep easily, whether that’s seated, kneeling or standing.
Basile Z.
Just keep counting your breaths from 1 to 5 so that you'll at least focus on something that's happening in your body
Tyrone J.
Try with some shorter meditation time. Do what feels better to you. Even 5 minutes here and there helps.. Try and stay deeply in that moment. I wouldn't worry. It's a practice you'll find your own place with. No one meditates perfectly. I hope this helped. ♡
J Come F.
It is very hard to meditate if you sre overly fatigued. Feeling sleepy is fine, but actually falling asleep interrupts meditation. If I find myself consistently falling asleep during mediation, I try to shift my practice time. I currently try to practice meditation at around 4pm since I wasn't able to stay awake if I was practicing just before sleep.
Samantha S.
Simple, it is acceptable to sleep, no offence or meditation incomplete feelings.

And moment I realise that I have been sleeping, go to breath again. Sleep again maybe… Staying in observant mode, about thought and feeling flow traffic all the time during those meditation moments works for me.

Daniel R.
It was a great sleep. Although because of all the breathing, my nose was really cold in the morning. Other than that, everything was great.
Albert O.
At every moment keep track of your breathing
Nora E.
If it's you are doing it too early or too late I don't know which one.
I do it every morning after I make some movement so that feeling never came to me since I started meditating, but I think that it comes from you because you are thinking about what you are going to do today so what i advice you it first thing you do when you drink water is to write down what is bothering you or what do you want to do and then do meditation. And take it easy. Don't be so hard on yourself it's okay if you meditate for 5 or 3 minutes it's better than nothing by time it will increase don't worry.
Frieder O.
I do not fight sleepiness during meditation. If I am sleepy, I allow myself to be sleepy during meditation. I think being sleepy makes it easier to relax. I may fight inconvenient sleepiness after meditation by drinking coffee, washing my face, or listening to energetic music.
Caroline W.
I do it in the morning after I’ve had a glass of water and am more awake. And I do it for just 10 minutes at a time using a guided meditation app, Headspace, that I find easy to listen to.
Vicki O.
I focus on my breath and really pay as attention to how my body feels as I breathe. I count to four to inhale, hold for five, and exhale for 6. Focusing on spreading my breath throughout my body helps me stay awake!
Pearl Z.
I rinse my face before meditation to wake me up and open a window so I feel the breeze and can breath the fresh air into my lungs the cool air really helps you concentrate and stops you falling asleep. ; )