How do you complete the meditation to the end? I always want and have to fight myself from quitting in the middle.

Caitlin U.
I’ve found a meditation I enjoy and I can feel the benefit immediately afterwards, with a calmer mind and more relaxed body. So that motivates me to keep doing it. I’ve also learned not to try for a perfect meditation, because distractions come and my mind wanders off. But now once I realise it’s wandered I gently acknowledge that, and focus again on my breathing. I understand now, with practice, that the more all over the place that my mind is the more I need the meditation. At times where I’m doing a meditation regularly I find it much easier to do and more enjoyable. This is for me a habit that is definitely worth forming.
Sasha A.
My goal is to meditate as long as possible, to reach a enlightened state after which i can fully concentrate and think clearly. With that in mind, I only focus on my breathing, or the guide if I’m listening to one, and ignore the need to know the time or fear of wasting time.
Natalie Y.
I just listen to myself and relax, nothing extraordinary; the exterior silence and the inner voices are the perfect combo for a good meditation.
Amelia Y.
I usually take a guide meditation by fabulous or from YouTube, they will say something to guide my imagination. This also clam my impatience, so that I can complete my meditation.
Janet T.
My meditations are tricky also. I first start with focusing on my breathing first and once im tuned, i start to hear my spirt guide and ask for guidance. My guidance is giving to me then i practice mindfulness. After i practice my mindfulness, more guidance comes in and now im just meditating until im fulfilled with the guidance and mindfulness i have received. 🙂
Johan W.
I just focus on my heart beat instead of thinking of other things. I try to get rid of random thoughts in my mind and put on some music.
Nils S.
First of all, it’s a brilliant step you’ve taken just to begin the meditations. Being tempted to shorten the sessions reveals how much you NEED to take this time to meditate. When I started out, sitting still and focusing on one thing for even 10 minutes felt like an eternity. I grew frustrated when I’d realize my mind had let thoughts in when I was trying to stay thought-free. The trick is, keep starting your meditations and when your mind wanders or you are impatient, gently remind yourself to be still and focused on your breath, or the ceiling, or sounds around you. Meditation only gets easier if, instead of being frustrated at how hard it is to quiet your brain and sit still, you are gentle and compassionate with yourself and steer your thoughts back to the present, physical moment. It will do WONDERS for you ability to focus on a task, a person, or a movie. It also will reduce anxiety levels. Keep up the good work!