What is the best position for meditation?

Cassandra W.
I find myself in perfect peace when I’m totally lay down on a morbid surface, but maybe for meditation is better to stay on a seating. I don’t like being seated on floor without anything on the back so I’d rather have a chair.
Stephanie O.
I think sitting in a small space, either it’s beside your bed, under a table. Somewhere where there is not a lot going on
Adam U.
The position that you can hold comfortably without moving. You want to stay still for as long as possible. Experiment. You may find several.
Janett S.
Legs crossed and straight back. If you're finding it difficult to stand straight with your back, you can use some cushions/pillows to support your position.
Victoria U.
Just be comfortable and if you do guided meditation they will give you suggestions on how to sit or lay. I will ignore it and do what is most comfortable for me in my moment. No judgement
Mary T.
I like to lay on my back on my bed, my hands at my sides, and my head propped on a pillow. I close my eyes while meditating and try to relax any muscles that feel tense.
Rafael Z.
Any position that is most comfortable for you. Sitting up with your legs outstretched, or legs crossed. You must be comfortable!
Erin O.
It's a bit odd, but I really enjoy doing child's pose while meditating, something about it just encourages a lose, relaxed body as well as mind