How can we meditate properly?

Sander C.
Acording to me, first you must find a quiet place. It's important to focus better. Than sit comfortably and make your back straight. Close your eyes and focus your braethe. But not braethe too slow or too fast just breathe normally. You can count your braeths or just focus how the air travel in your body. İf my suggestions are not good enough for you, you can always read about meditation or use a meditation app.
Brent E.
Deepen your practice with one or some of repeatedly the same meditation course untill it becomes so famillar, that you can easily dive into it! Feeling progress in the process motivates to continue. Feeling how it affects your body, mind, interactions with people and daily life situations makes it to irresistible pursuit.
Johanne C.
For me the most important part is the quiet surrounding in which I can truly focus on myself; my mind, my breath, my posture, my whole body. I really love the breathing exercises/breathing meditations as they are quite “easy” for beginners. They help with anxiety, general feeling of being overwhelmed, the “monkey mind chatter”. Sometimes when I meditate in the evening it’s the first time in that particular day when I notice myself – not just the things I need to do at work, around the house, etc. Proper meditation – in my opinion – is a time spent away from everyday chaos, devoted to acknowledging state of your body and mind, but not judging it harshly. Not thinking negatively about it, noticing things you could change about yourself to be happier and at the same time being grateful for the person you already are.
Richard Z.
Not sure what you mean by properly bu my advice is to keep it simple and keep it light. Your mind will wander everyone’s does, just lightly bring it back to focal point. Feel easy about starting over many times during the meditation
Mildred E.
The only proper way is to do your best to stay focused on the present, the moment of Now. Decide what you want to meditate on and do your best to focus on it as long as possible. If your mind wanders from it, that's ok, just go back to your focus and keep practicing. It's called mediation practice because it's something we get better at by doing it over and over again
Shane P.
It’s important to think of meditation as a process of making space in your head which is normally filled with thoughts. When starting with meditation it is crucial not to force your mind to focus on one thing or no-thing but rather let all happen and just somehow pass through you. Youll see that what mind does on regulat basis is blocking this natural stream so it can dominate your conciousness.
Josefine Z.
It is always hard to begin meditating just by yourself. I would advice to start meditation with some help like YouTube guided meditation and then slowly start with music and sound to keep your mind focused