What kind of environment makes meditation more effective?

Colin Q.
A nice dark room with the temperature as warm or cool as you like. A preferably silent environment is nice as this allows you to close your eyes and stay calm and peaceful more easily.

Terezinha Q.
Calm, less distractive environments are good. Keep an eye on what distracts you normally. Is it external distractions or your own thoughts. Are you anxious to get the meditation right? Give up, git it all up one by one and give yourself the grace to just enjoy meditation and spend time with yourself and your breath.

Deborah C.
For me any place can be an effective place for meditation. Meditation is the practice of concentration. Being in an open space with loud noise can be very challenging meditation as there are so much attention grabbers but with the ample amount of motivation, you can always go back to the focus of your meditation. In quiet zen spaces it can also be challenging as the repetitive silence can be deafening that you're curiosity to the environment grows more and more as you sink into the silence.

Julia W.
Keep practicing. The more you do it the more effective meditation is. I can meditate in any environment. I use guided meditation and make sure there is no loud talking, you need to listen to and think about what is being said in the meditation.

Louison Z.
For me it's darker, calm space in my bedroom in the evening. I light some candles and sit on a pillow. But I guess such things are individual; different things work for different people. Try to experiment, I suppose, to find our where is your good space.

Magnus C.
Quiet and dark environment. You can imagine yourself being in a a space with brown curtains and and all you hear is silence except for the person talking. And then create the right mindset of calm and relaxation but also focused and determined.

Johan B.
I suppose a dimly lit quiet room, free from clutter is a good thing. You can have inspirational pictures, candles and insence burning if possible. Also the clothes you wear can be important. If you keep a single set of loose fitting clothes just for meditating then the act of putting them on sends signals to your brain that it's time for calm and meditation.
But too be honest you could be anywhere and be able to meditate. During my training I was sent to a busy train station every day to meditate! The environment should be irrelevant.
As Alan Watts once said "if you can't meditate in a boiler room then you can't meditate".

Afre Q.
I like an environment where I can sit undisturbed. I love it when it has a comfortable temperature and it is well ventilated. I have a special cushion and I always burn a scented candle which helps me to get prepared.

Maja N.
Sitting in my room and ignoring what is going on around me. I like to sit on my bed with my legs criss-cross. I will put the volume up on my meditation routine and focus.

Wendy U.
Any calm environment could work : A quiet room, a reading nook, or anything like that. Nothing too flashy as well, so it can help bring your attention to your breathing.

Elizabeth C.
Because I love alone, I find it easy to take the time to be inside myself at any time. What makes it more effective has less to do with my environment and more to do with my mental state. I have to be prepared to do it. I find it helpful to tell myself I'm going to do it fifteen minutes ahead of time.